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Posted: May 29, 2010 in bittersweet, damdoumization, feelings, thoughts

So I took  my car to service today, and that humming annoying noise apparently was a bigger problem than I anticipated. so it’s a 2 day job, and I will be carless till midweek. it’s funny how it cripples our mobility big time in this country being carless. had I been in europe or the states where the weather is friendlier, i would probably be biking it everywhere and anywhere.. oh well. it’s only two days.

wasnt the world a lot easier and simpler, around, like, ten years back? when the bloom didnt even start in Dubai and when Apple and BlackBerry were still merely fruits? when kids played in playgrounds rather than being glued to a mobile phone at 5 years of age, and being hooked on video games.. most homes are not “booked” enough, for a lack of better words hehe, most kids I have seen (friends’ kids, or even kids in our distant and immediate family) do not read! its sad! we had shelves and shelves of endless books on literature (dad’s second degree was in english literature may he rest in peace) history (both parents loved history and politics especially) and novels (mom is a diligent reader of arabic novels).. I wish I can say the same for the houses I visit. I think I will be a very military-like mother whenever the time comes God willing. No TV addiction, no timepasses that add no value to my kids’ lives and intellect, no useless toys.. seriously! I want to raise them the way my mom and dad took the time to raise us. the concept of ‘modern’ families does not appeal to me and I absolutely think it’s a failing concept anyway. look at all the dysfunctional families around, marriage itself has become a failing concept these days, with the rise in divorce rates, and the endless bachelors and bachelorettes (a decision made by choice!)..

I have been thinking way too much about the world and what it has come to for around a fortnight.. was not inspired much to write but today I somewhat am. (for my one man audience out there! Hey Marv, my loyal reader lol). After watching History Channel’s episodes of the lost book of Nostradamus and how his predictions have been very accurate for so long, that maybe, just maybe, his prediction of the world ending in 2012, might just be right. Of course I am a strong believer, and I will always trust my faith in God with everything, would not believe a person over God. But I have to say I was intregued, and it was very thought provoking. I always thought I would die at 32, what if I do! did I acheive all I wanted? did I go every where I hoped? will I leave behind any regrets? Can’t help but think of all of that.. Which brings me back to my original lingering and frightening question: did I fulfill my passion in this life? and the sad answer was: a big fat NO. And that shook me. Approaching 30 fastly and furiously makes me even more concerned.

I should give my poor exhausted mind a rest I reckon. I barely sleep. Shouldn’t  burden it with continuous thoughts!

Thanks for reading (Marv). Wishing you [all, if any] a good day.

  1. MrMoNous says:

    Nice blog ! Well, for one I dont believe in the world ending in 2012. Dont worry there many things that didnt happen. Big changes occurring on the planet? Maybe. But not the end. So hopefully, God willing you will have time to follow your passion! 🙂

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      thanks 🙂 and welcome to my box!

      I know there are more signs yet to happen than what we have seen so far, and thats why my faith is in God and not any of His creations. but it makes u ponder doesnt it? and maybe self assess….

  2. Marvin says:

    I would never fail to read your precious thought-gems, dripping like bright stars from your fingers as you type. I’m sorry you’re feeling angsty. Believe me, it gets better AFTER 30. It gets even better after 40. Seriously. More later.

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      oh Marv, your sweet words always manage to lift my spirits. thank you for reading and commenting and most of all, appreciating.

      I am somewhat unsure now that i wanna be married and be a mother. I keep fluctuating between many ideas really and this is one idea I am evaluating thoroughly lately. is it worth it?

      I know the mayans have had that prediction too according to their ruins and the finding of their calendar which ends a week after i turn 32. but nostradamus has it as well in his lost book, which includes also images he drew and were deciphered in the most awesome ways! its so much fun having that as a career lol I agree on the lucky bit. I guess we need to keep counting our blessings.

      Thanks again Marv. keep me in ur prayers : )

  3. Marvin says:

    Anyway, I know you want to be married, to be a mother, to have a job you really like. I will pray for all of these things to happen, but you can help too, just by visualizing them every day. Dream your dream every day, and it will become a reality.

    Every day is a gift. Some people never live to be thirty. You are lucky. I am lucky.

    And there is no timetable. I doubt the world will end in 2012. That’s a Mayan prediction, and the world has already ended for them. We continue, for now. But if you’re worried, then keep visualizing your goals every day, and you will be amazed at how quickly they become real. Seriously.

    I’m so glad you write. You’re on my prayer list. We’ll see what happens.

  4. debora says:

    i liked your blog.we are the same age and aparrently have some of the same thoughts about our life. just keep doing what u an to reach your goals you’llfeel better about whatever happens.and who knows you could get hit bya bus.dont worry so muh about the future live for today it might be your last.

  5. debora says:

    hey! lol just tryna to be positive i’m just happy to find out i’m not alone.i know how it feels to feel like ur gonna lose it or your not gonna make it.we will make we have no choice. lol my mind races with thoughts like yours.i dnt sleep much either i have to ease into it.i get uneasy feelings at night and my mind goes a mile a minute. it will be ok. you will do all you can before you die and God willing it wont be anytime soon. 🙂

  6. Marvin says:

    You’re very quiet lately. I miss your thoughts.

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