the devil wears a pantsuit

Posted: October 23, 2010 in bla bla bla, life, observations, thoughts, women

As I havent slept all night, I eventually gave in to the chronic insomnia and got up to entertain myself with a movie. Valentine’s Day, check. Prince of Persia, check. few other generic tv movies, check! this morning another tv rerun. Devil Wears Prada. and you know what, Miranda is the closest thing to my boss.

Dragon Lady. cruel ice queen. What happens to women who want to succeed? I understand it’s a man’s world, and women have to work twice as hard to prove themselves in the workplace… because God forbid this woman in charge shows her real personality which might include a touch of kindness or maybe being a little emotional towards things! God forbid people see her as a woman. She would be walked all over and crushed by her male peers. Had she been a man, being cruel and demanding, no one would notice a difference, no body would say “oh the devil!” they would only notice how good he is at his job. But a woman, being that fierce, will always be judged.

But the sad part is, these women tend to trade in their personal lives for their true dedication to their job and their adament will to succeed at their careers and moving them forward. Most men would not allow their wives to be more successful than them, or come home late in the name of duty. My boss is approaching 50, looks very young for her age actually not a day over 40, only married for 3 years when she was 42, I guess she got used to being single as it meant no commitments were there, and she would engulf herself better with the job she loves more than life itself.

I dont see why a woman can’t have it all. family, work, leisure, fun, ‘me time’? I’ve seen it happen! not so far from me actually, mom was a very successful Audit Manager, she only left work when she hit 50 or 52, yes it can get a little crazy and energy draining, but she loved it, and still managed to have it all. Juggling both personal and professional lives needs practice I reckon, and needs a person willing to make it work, if you believe it, you will be it. I know corny. But it is my honest opinion.


  1. Pru says:

    Women’s role as house wives still haunts them. A woman can be a rocket scientist and she is still expected to give birth, take care of children cook clean and what not…In order to have a career a woman must “juggle” her family needs and her job requirements and that is why she works twice as hard and still fails to prove her competence on either front. I am against “juggling”…it’s just too exhausting and it rarely works.

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      i still believe it can work, maybe coz i have seen it work with the empowered woman closest to me, my mom. priorities must be set, and time management is crucial of course. i am not saying it works for everyone. but i do believe it works if they want it to. nice pic Pru

  2. Marvin says:

    My superior is a woman. She’s honest, fair, and she takes care of us like we were family. I wouldn’t expect that from a man.

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      i wasnt generalizing, my sister is a senior boss too and she is loved by her team. yet that doesnt defy the fact that she works bloody hard. even more so than her male peers just to prove her existence.

  3. Ami says:

    thanks for being a friend on twitter! all the best from Miami – Ami

  4. Touché says:

    Such multi tasking successful women are walking miracles, indeed they have to keep justifying themselves all the time to keep the success momentum going, but it really takes a lot to really fulfill all those parts obligations (family, job, self). I wonder if it’s really worth it, is it possible to reach the potentials for all of them?
    Makes you appreciate women even more, they are usually underrated.

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