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LOL-ing @ the gym

Posted: July 28, 2008 in bla bla bla, lol, random

i’m not sure if it means anything different in Farisi, but there’s this Iranian lady with me at the gym, bless her heart, who goes by the name of: Khateerah ( meaning dangerous) LOOOL!

* life is hard, man! we watch too many movies and listen to too many songs and read too many books to convince ourselves that happy endings and fairytales are possible, but in reality, life is fairly hard! things dont happen like we want them to, or expect them to, or even as they’re supposed to after a series of events and pursuances! there is always a way things can be messed up, and it usually DOES happen. i am not being pessemistic here, but i guess i have had enough time being the optimistic fool that i am…

* i truly believe every human has one form or another of a psychological illness/abnormality/disorder.  also i always believed that people are schizophrenic by nature. since we have a ‘heart’ and a ‘mind’ and usually they’re on different frequencies.. unless one of them is more dominant than the other, EVERYONE has at least a pair of disorders!

* its amazing how people come into our lives and bring a little of their karma with them.. im sure u have met at least one person who brought you a bit of good luck in a moment in time, i believe like attracts like, and people are contageous.. if your disposition is happy, it will rub off on the people in your small and even big circle.. if your mood is often blue and negative you will somehow pass it on to the people around you.. whether you want to or not.. people are but bottles of colors! you bring your blue and the person next to you brings their red, and you both will end up with a little bit of purple..

* for every action there is indeed a reaction..! the intensity of it however depends on how deep the psychological disorders of the person are!

tip for the sizzling summer

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yuB, time for the health related post that will last you for the coming, oh, 2-3 months! 😀

it seems natural to crave an ice cream in the summer.. but you would be surprised to know which foods are more likely to cool your body…. people who live in hot climates eat hot spicy foor for a reason, it helps them prespire, which cools the body as the sweat evaporates! spices work as diaphoretics, meaning they help the body release heat. (of course make sure to dirnk a lot of liquids to compensate for the loss in water through sweating).

generally foods that are sweet, bitter or astringent have a cooling effect on the body, usually salty, sour, and pungent foods have a heating effect on the body and are consumed in winter..

so without futher a due, here is a list of cooling foods to help you keep your cool 😀

Fruits: Apples, Avocado, Coconut, Grapes, Mangoes, Raisins, Strawberries, Watermelon
Veggies: Squash, Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Bok Choy, Cucumber (of course!), Corn, Dandelion greens, Fennel, Onions, White potatoes, and Snow peas.
Proteins: White meat turkey and chicken, White flesh fish, Shrimp, Tofu, Almonds
Herbs/Spices: Dill, Mint (especially tea with mint), Cumin, Coriander, fennel, Turmeric, Cardamom, and Rosewater.

ta ta!


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why on earth do women feel the need to open their mouthes wide open when applying eye makeup?? 

its like this natural reflex, which makes us look like TOTAL idiots!

some people

Posted: July 10, 2008 in life, observations, people

are just like pythons. even worse, they can talk!

seriously i have known a lot of people in my short life, but there is one particular person i came across, who has exceeded all levels of evilness with her venomous character.. and its amazing that she actually has a number of ‘friends’, even a husband! im presuming that her toxicity is contageous! funny thing is (and note that funny can describe a foul smelling object) she doesnt know it! I mean some people are aware of their lack of IQ, some are aware of their abilities – or lack thereof – of selling and marketing, but this malevolence seems to be like BO! everyone around can ‘sense’ it, yet the person in question doesnt even know they ‘reek’..!

i feel so sad for such personas, as i am (sadly) sure the world is full of them, its pathetic what damage they’re capable of, and how much they enjoy gossiping and the endless games of make belief they play, its worse that they actually affect others negatively.. i.e. convert them to one of their species, or hurt them with their forked tongue and evil souls…

after being in the blogosphere since december 06, i have a general idea of almost every character there is out there occupying a bit of globospheric space.. and since i am bored out of my skull today although i have SO much work but too depressed to work, i have come up with a short list of new tags/categories that i feel i will be seeing soon in the jordanian blogosphere:

1. Ijbed (Khouloud & Hareega’s blogs exclusively)
2. Bala Gafyeh (and that will of course not be seen on Garfan’s blog coz everything there is bgafyeh)
3. Gol3aaa6 (prolly on Maher’s and Samantha’s blogs)
4. Egleb wejhak (tailored for Rambling Hal)
5. 3oGlah (KJ’s pali/jor alter ego, bout time he had one!)
6. Bilmsharma7i (Adoosh 5as nass)
7. Kiss the Cook (prolly on Qwaider’s!)
8. ZahaaaaGGGG  (ma3 il smiley, & exclusivley to wonders)
9. Damaaar (Jazora bima enno dayman mukta2eb)

5alas bikaffi, zhe2et  
(i’ll add some later on, or add yours if you come up with anything!)

1. Thank you both for bringing him to this world, so i can meet him 19 years later.. and hold on to him forever..
2. Thank You Almighty for always watching over me, i would have never made it without Your Providence..
3. Thank you love, for being who you are, and for always being there, and for the tremendous joy you bring to my life everyday.. i can’t thank you enough, but i promise to love you forever..
4. Thank you hard times for shaping what i am today.. without all the ordeals i would have never known how strong i truly am inside.
5. Thank you both for being the best parents you can be, for raising me right and giving me all the basics i need to move on in my life and make it on my own.
6. Thank you RH for being the best friend i can ever ask for.. bless u girl!
7. Thank you RN for teaching me professionalism and promptness, and what it takes to be a great boss who is respected, and loved.
8. Im thankful for all my 7 senses, may they sustain me a lifetime..
9. Thank God for spring and summer!

the not so ‘in’ word

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seriously, i cant tolerate dumbness and stupidity..
if you’re listening, and you do not want to change, PLEASE kill yourself!

so what (or who) motivates u? what gets u going? what is ur ultimate energy factor when u feel ur almost completely drained?



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قال علي بن ابي طالب – كرم الله وجهه
الفقر بالوطن غربة، و الغنى بالغربة وطن
طيب و الفقر بالغربة شو؟؟