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Posted: January 31, 2008 in bla bla bla, weekend
TGIF has a whole new meaning to me right now! thank God its february! after one hell of a january.. well the first part of jan was gr8, i was on holidays 😀

but the second part of it was not so nice.. appraisals tension (went fine tho), work load (getting loadier and loadier!) and personal/domestic issues..

so welcome the shortest month in the year! even tho its gonna be a day longer :smily bished sha3ro: damn u leap years!

have a gr8 weekend everyone 🙂


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why wont this week end already!


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“Can you tell me the speed limit on Airport Road going toward Al Rashidiya?”

“I have been waiting for a taxi for so long, but all of them are refusing to stop … what do I do? “

“I have a traffic fine … can you tell me when it was issued?”

These are but a few examples of trivial and inane calls made to 999 every day!!! A staggering 573,471 calls were made to 999 in 2007 and these were not emergencies. Most were enquiries on speed limits on roads, location of certain departments, traffic fines, transactions related to the Naturalisation and Residency Department, trading issues and complaints against taxi drivers.

the rest of this article published yesterday in Gulf News here.

Where has common sense evaporated from the minds of these silly people??!!

Howeh ya 6o55o?

ya ekser mu55o???

thought of the day..

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اكسير الحياة هو الصحة و اكسير الشباب هو الروح
نوثينج الس از نيديد..

– ديمة

fashion nonsense

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beany and a jacket or hooded jacket, shorts and flip flops!!!!!


salty water..

Posted: January 29, 2008 in feelings, inside out

Tears are words from the heart that cannot be spoken.


Qwaider’s post about crying and all the comments on how crying is so liberating and such a big relief made me feel a bit alienated.. i donno how but it felt wierd not to be able to relate..

i havent cried in, oh, 6 months.. and before that, 3 years… i dont get the urge to cry anymore, altho sometimes i feel i SO need it to relax my weery little head.. but having been a person who cried so much in her younger years, i find it now a waste of my time.. it wont solve anything now wud it? it will only cause a headache and a stuffy nose..

then why the hell do i miss it!

test ur memory

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i wont post my numbers, since i infinitely suffer from CRS (cant remember shit)!
but lemme know how u do 😀
since i have so much time on hand (not!!!) and my mind tends to wander every so often, i decided to end the debate on the gender of computers (who was debating?!) lol anywayyyyy here is my theory 😀

1. no one really knows EXACTLY what goes on in there but its creator
2. its attention span is limited and tends to ‘sleep’ if not spoken to every 10 minutes

3. shud u come across a problem, solving it takes forever and requires a whole lot of key punching and typing and trial and errors until u finally get there, and no 2 problems r solved in the same manner!
4. should u take one home to keep, u will prolly spend half of ur income on toys and gadgets and accessories for the continuance of its efficiency!
5. when u finally get ”hitched” to one, u discover a few months later that if u waited a bit, a way better one wud have come along!!


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The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.
– George Jessel

ya mis6ar George, ba7eb agolak, yeslam boGGak!

today i had to present a bit of a research report to a few clients, and these clients are japanese, and u keep hearing stories bout how japanese businessmen are articulate and disciplined and diligent and to-the-point, and u dont believe that until u come face to face with em! id say intimidating! il muhem, since i had the flu last week, and a pretty bad one too, i had basically spread my germs to everyone in the office and the analyst that was supposed to present had lost his voice over the weekend, so it came down to me :eek: and for those who accuse women of never shutting up, i say give em a bit of public speaking and that shud do the trick!

i cudnt say one sentence, no scratch that, one PHRASE that made sense! i was talking way too fast and my voice was way too low and i cud feel the sweat beads forming on every mm square of my face..! now that im writing it down im laffing in retrospect as their identical japanese faces with jaws dropping and eyes bamboozled stared at me! lol i hate public speaking! i mean if i know these guys, like say in a class, uni lecture or some training where i got to interact with my audience, im perfectly fine! even awesome (yes and humble) but ppl who i meet for the first time? its disastrous! i keep hearing that the best way to speak in public without being that anxious and nervous is to picture everyone naked, but it just DINT HELP @ ALLLLL!! lol

I wonder if it ever worked for anyone?

i found a (what i thought was) very interesting study by Psychiatrist Dr.Frank Caprio reveals our personalities through the way we undress! read on and tell me if it you find it fits:

.*.HAPHAZARD UNDRESS.*.If you throw your clothes all over the house , you are a friendly, life-of-the-party type. You are free with the thoughts and opinions, not caring much about the others think of you ..

*.METICULOUS UNDRESS.*.If you remove each piece of clothing and put it away carefully, you are a serious person who likes life very clam. You are comfortable with routine, and you believe that the best way to deal with life’s problem is to prevent them in first place ..

*.SHOES AND SOCKS FIRST UNDRESS.*.If you take off the shirt, and ten minutes later get around to the pants, you extremely selfconfident, intellectual, a deep thinker, and don’t like to be hassled. Usually you like alot of free time for yourself ..

*.SLOW UNDRESS.*.You are perfectionist, very shy, observant, dependable, intense, and think before making decisions. You go about you tasks methodically, with conectration. You know how to pay attention ..

*.FAST UNDRESS .*.If you get out of your clothes as quickly as possible, you are concerned about others and what they expect from you, but you’re worried about your own needs. You are family-oriented, and stay extremely busy ..

*.JEWELRY OFF FIRST UNDRESS.*.If you take off your rings, watch, etc., before anything else, you are warm, thoughful, sensitive, and romantic.

*.NEVER THE SAME WAY UNDRESS.*.If you never do it the same way twice, you a very curious, interesting person, and you enjoy a broad range of activities. You take risks and enjoy fun and adventure.

Quote of the day

Posted: January 24, 2008 in quote

Love is not blind — it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less
– J. Gordon

last nite i had a full 5 hour sleep.. finally! its been a while..

funny (not funny ha ha) thing is that in all them sleepless nites, most my thoughts revolve around 2 major things that i somehow supress during my waking hours only to come back and haunt me at nite.. God/religion and how we have drifted from em so much as a community/society and how personally im away lately.. and the future.. all my life i thought i will die young.. donno why but its just my belief/gut feeling.. not to mention any palm reader i came across (with or without the intention of coming across em) freaks out at how short my life line is.. prolly why i dont plan much.. i take every day as it comes, and usually have no regrets.. except for one .. (but thats not bloggable material! too personal to share)..

i fear aging. not coz im a woman and the majority of women fear aging and looking not quite like they used to… but i fear losing this youth inside me. i fear menopause believe it or not! i fear having children and not being able to affect them in any way.. i fear a failed marriage.. i fear becoming one of those middle aged house wives with not much to look forward to but an end to her depression… i even fear not having a source of income and living on the streets! know its all in my head and my destiny is mine to shape, i do believe in fate dont get me wrong, but i think some things r ours to control.. sometimes i think i wanna know what tomorrow holds, but i believe that wud take out all the fun from living!

(mental note: resort to sheep counting often, it worked last nite!)

hajjaj is amazing at turning misery into laughter..
علمي انتهينا و انسينا اللي كان
افترقوا ايدينا بالهوى
ليالي هوانا غمرها النسيان
هوانا لا صوت و لا صدى
شو جاي تخبرني بعد اللي صار
شو جاي تخبرني لما انتهى المشوار
شو بدي احكيلك عني بتحكيلك
على قلبي اللي صار على اخر روح
روح حبيبي حبيبي روح
شو بدك في انساني تركني بحالي
يا حبيبي روح بيكفي جروح
انا كنت نسيتك شو اللي جابك على بالي
حاجه ترجعني للماضي اللي راح

fadl shakir has always been one of my favorite singers, some might argue that his style is almost always the same, but i think he knows what suits that heavenly voice of his and works on it.. i cant wait for the album to come out!


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he was one of my favorite actors.. and he was so young :

how sad..

them japanese got taste!

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Brad Pitt as he appears in a new ad campaign for Japanese denim brand Edwin..
or lack thereof!

isnt it the most demotivating feeling when u have to drag urself out of bed to head to an office where u dont feel ur doing anything u like with anyone u like?? is passion for work or working in a line of business ur crazy about just an illusion?! no im sure artists and musicians and actors are living that dream! but what bout the rest of us?

i remember my first job, i loved it! i used to run and skip to the office lol i had 2 terrible colleagues, was working for a sorry excuse of a bank, working with difficult clients AND getting peanuts for pay, but i just loved it! it was fun, busy, fulfilling, and client oriented… i feel i lost that feeling. ever since i left that place (3 years ago) both jobs i took after that were purely for the financial gain.. i feel nothing towards what i do for a living.. if anything, i feel machine-like.. what bothers me most, and saddens me too, is that i truly donno what is it i wanna do.. i have 2 degrees yet they dont come handy! i cant work by my psychology degree in this country unless i have a masters degree from the states/europe, and then have 2 years of experience.. and im currently working by my Commerce degree, but im finding equities a bit too dull for me.. i wish i studied medicine.. and became a surgeon like my childhood dream was.. i need ppl! i need interaction! i need to feel like i am helping someone out! ORRRR go purely by my passion and work in a more artistic line of business.. still that doesnt pay well! arghhh! why does it have to be one way or the other? fulfillment or financial stability? why cant we have it all!!!!


Quote of the day

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To sin is a human business, to justify these sins is a devilish one.
– Anonymous

would you

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volunteer to be a surrogate at any point of your life? or would you let your wife/sister/daughter one day help another desperate couple by being a surrogate?

and please treat this as a theoretical question, meaning set aside the religious side of the matter..

Quote of the day

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No wise man ever wished to be younger
– Jonathan Swift


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sounds like a phobia from onions! only its shoppaholicism.. :mal5oom:

moody friends..

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inspired by Asoom’s experience here with an ex-friend.. i SO relate to that, and i dint wanna hijack her post 😀

i rarely have female friends, simply coz i was not programmed to be like most of them, in my mind, im 100% male. im practical, i dont envy other ppl, i hold no grudges, i dont care bout makeup and clothes like they r the reason for my existance, and i dont ditch ppl coz im having a bad mood! u can call me a tomboy, but ppl who know me personally know i am so far from that.. il muhemm… so i met this girl, and we have mutual friends, some who say she is very nice, but i was always very aware of everything i say around her, and was very careful what i reveal, the case with most ppl but i was consciously aware and pushed myself to watch out for every word with her..
days went by and i gave her a chance, and we became close friends in no time, she was funny, outgoing, and talkative. But she was moody, like, VERY moody! one day she wud be all talkative and sweet, and the next she wudnt return my calls and want nothing to do with me :smily mafsoom with 7 personalities: and after a while i got sick of it! and when she dint call again, i dint either, and was actually nonchalant and happy she was out of my life, with all her negativities that overrid her positive side with time.
neither i nor anyone deserves to be treated like that, the flavor-of-the-week style! whenever their mood is good they r good with u and when its not then to hell with u! that is not the definition of friendship..
i guess thats why i feel more at ease with guys, they’re so.. simple! what u see is what u get.. almost EVERY time! plus a guy wont envy u, or get these silly thoughts and cause drama every once in a while.. they r always up for a gr8 time and a good laff.. girly girls wont go out unless u ‘book’ them in advance so that they wud look good for the outing! with most guys, its “shall we?”, “hell yeah!” and i find that refreshing!


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The number 8 is generally considered to be an auspicious number by numerologists. In Babylonian myth there were seven spheres plus an eighth realm, the fixed stars, where the gods lived. As a result, 8 is often associated with paradise. And 8 is my absolute favorite number ever.. hence, the fact that i am VERY optimistic bout this year.. i cant complain bout 2007, it was THE BEST by far in the past 10 years, ruffly speaking.. but why oh why do ppl have to go partying their asses off and drinking all the booze they can (in some occassions, cant) handle on new years eve just coz the earth successfully spinned around the sun one more time!?

generations got accustomed to having a life changing/enhancing resolution or a set of resolutions set for their coming year..

and as every year, i go about making the same list of resolutions! however, i added a new one, learn German, and God knows how many years that will stay on my list! im just not good a planner i presume.. i cant plan my days and my years like some ppl do, i had a 5 year plan when i first graduated but it came crashing down just a year down the line due to family issues and responsibilities that i dint foresee.. since then, i never planned.. i just take every day as it comes.. and i think thats healthier, and maybe even helps keep the sanity bit going.. i dont like stressing over plans and projects, and getting frustrated and disappointed if they werent fulfilled.. a very late happy new years to everyone. hope the year brings u what u want and more 🙂
WARNING: these thoughts might offend some of u…
regretfully, i am not vieled.. and even tho i know its very wrong, i still cant commit.. yet, everyday i come across tens if not hundreds of ‘vieled’ girls/women, and by ‘vieled’ i am referring to the ‘modern’ 7ijabis who wear second-skin-tees-under-a-tight-camisole-barely-covering-their-bums-in-that-tight-jeans or short-skirts-with-knee-high-boots and consider themselves fully covered..and i cant deny the amount of wrath the scene provokes in me.. i am not preaching, since i am not vieled, but there is a minimum level of 7eshmeh (modesty) that is embedded in everyone, and wearing clothes that leave nothing to imagination is just not right, vieled or not.

it just saddens me so much what little respect some have towards their body and its sanctity..

he is indeed Legend!

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i for one, was completely enamored with this movie.. so many aspects of it were fascinating i thought..

i SO loved it when he said “God dint do this, we did” its so true! God creates sickness but also the cure, but when man wants to play the role of God, things go dramatically wrong! but then again.. man never ceases.. the endless hunger for power.. thats the 8th deadly sin bi ra2yi..

kept thinking throughout the movie, how HARD it is to live all alone like that.. he was so detailed and scheduled and everything was documented and micromanaged.. i would go insane if i were him! noone to talk to? noone to greet in the morn? noone to think outloud with?! i would lose it walla!

but weird thing is, it was labeled as an action thriller, for the 18+ age group.. i dint find it an action movie, nor a thriller.. but ultimately, it was a gr8 movie.. a bit of a new idea in a world of redundant movie scripts..


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testing.. wan 6oo sree..

its good to be back 🙂