Posted: August 27, 2011 in bittersweet, feelings, inside out, life, relationships, sad me

You know what, Hollywood has been playing with our heads for so long, most of us are delusional with the idea of the ‘perfect love story’, ‘true love’, ‘soulmates’.. I admit i was delusional too..

Love isnt seamless and easy and sweet all the time, movies dont show what happens next after the big proposal, or the big gestures, or the loving kisses and cuddles. the ‘happy ever afters’ dont quite exist. Instead, cheating, deceiving, lying, and heartache happen in the long run/ in the real world. People meet and part. I have realized – the hard way – that everything in life is temporary. everything. money, health, happiness, sorrow, love, friendship. everything. 

it seems some people love the easy way out. most people wont fight for love. wont stand up for what they believe is right. wont put effort to make relationships work. one of my close male friends once told me that if a guy wants something/someone, there is nothing/noone that will stop him. then why is it that all i see around me are guys who have been either too lazy or too proud to go after the woman that they love. Just because something is hard/needs work doesnt mean that you give up at the first obstacle and convince yourself it wasnt meant to be.

Man is a lazy creature.

Man is garfield.  

  1. Why.Grow>Up? says:

    On the contrary, Hollywood is overwhelmingly practical. More pictures portray the heartbreak, pain of a relationship, unbiasedly than those depicting a perfect world.

    It’s not about men or women, its about You & him or You & her. Life’s not harsh, its the people who make it so. The choices are always ours.

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      true. they are portraying the heartache. and then twist it again to show that love does happen again after failed relationships and ended marriages as if in real life knights in shining armours exist.
      very true. people are harsh. people make life more complicated than it is.
      Thanks for passing my box Money 🙂 i just love saying your name lol

  2. Marvin says:

    True, Hollyweird focuses on the visible aspects of romance because it’s easiest to capture on film and it’s the most titillating. You rarely see a film about true, lasting love because you can’t really capture that warm feeling of certainty on film. True love is boring, with little conflict or drama.

    Men may be lazy, but I think relatively few women are worth fighting for, just as few men are worth fighting for. Sex is what keeps perpetuating the species, because it’s certainly not love. I was lucky to have found my mate, because I had given up looking. I wouldn’t expect to be lucky again, if I lost her.

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      call me an idealist, but true love isnt boring. it doesnt have to be! we make relationships what we want. we have the upper hand at molding it. well technically it molds us at a certain point to become moe tolerant and mellow, but we steer it into a direction. be it boring and mundane. or exciting and lively.

      hope u never lose her. bless!

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