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Posted: November 20, 2009 in bla bla bla, movies, music, random

* I know i might sound like a silly teenager for looking forward to the new moon movie, but I am! And no, I am not in any way attracted to any of the characters! actually a few co-workers refer to robert (edward) as shovel face. and I agree, not my cuppa. very flat faced. anyway, I am actually looking forward to the new movie in the saga. further to wanting to watch it, I would like to read the rest of the books. I believe books are more interesting than movie makes of them. and certainly, anything vampire related is bound to become a fave of mine. I dont really know what fascinates me so much with darkness, and blood, and this sadistic instinct with a hint of subliminal violence.. but it does. I mellowed out in the gothic image area, except for the dark eye, but on the inside, i very much am a practicing goth! everything Acheronic is way more interesting than clear, bright, common things/lifestyles. At least in my eyes..

* I always get excited this time of year, seriously December is my favorite month only for the festivity! I love the colours of christmas, the spirit, the tree! this year I am really looking forward to the million holidays in December, thinking of taking 2 days off at some point, dont plan to go anywhere, but just kick back and relax, preferably with a book and a good massage lol. I am developing a cooking craze though, I would love to bake more, one day! I actually suck at baking or making desserts.. unless its cheesecake or cold stuff.. so maybe I can get inspired with the festive season as baked goods are everywhere, and I actually love the idea of giving home baked sweets as gifts.

* They unblocked deviantart! lululululeesh!

* This must be my new fave clip, Shakira ‘Did It Again’ i love the martial art-ish bits.
I like! Oh and the song isnt bad either..


Mirror mirror on the wall,

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whos the dullest of them all!!!


Posted: February 17, 2008 in bla bla bla, movies, random

cant imagine Eminem as the Jumper!

i absolutely loved the movie this weekend, will not write a review since Q already did, wudnt wanna flood the blogosphere with redundant subjects.. BUT i will say that i SO totally wanna teleport! when will they ACTUALLY use science for something good and create a way to teleport???? it wud make so many distant relationships easier to bear and more likely to work out! and it will eliminate homesickness which distracts and depresses a lot of students and husbands or wives or children away for work from their loved ones! not to mention it wud solve the horrid TRAFFIC problem everyone seems to face somewhere in the world!!!!

he is indeed Legend!

Posted: January 20, 2008 in bla bla bla, movies, random
i for one, was completely enamored with this movie.. so many aspects of it were fascinating i thought..

i SO loved it when he said “God dint do this, we did” its so true! God creates sickness but also the cure, but when man wants to play the role of God, things go dramatically wrong! but then again.. man never ceases.. the endless hunger for power.. thats the 8th deadly sin bi ra2yi..

kept thinking throughout the movie, how HARD it is to live all alone like that.. he was so detailed and scheduled and everything was documented and micromanaged.. i would go insane if i were him! noone to talk to? noone to greet in the morn? noone to think outloud with?! i would lose it walla!

but weird thing is, it was labeled as an action thriller, for the 18+ age group.. i dint find it an action movie, nor a thriller.. but ultimately, it was a gr8 movie.. a bit of a new idea in a world of redundant movie scripts..