January.. overlook

Posted: February 20, 2010 in bittersweet, damdoumization, feelings, inside out, people, relationships, thoughts

This January was one big wedgie!

I swear my life is one crazy rollercoaster and a series of dramatic events that I do not know how and why I keep coming across. But no complaints, I guess no one can do my life but me. and I believe that God knows my capacity, and wont give me more than I can handle.

My best friend who only got married a little more than a year back, and now is a proud mother of a 2 month old beautiful girl, is getting a divorce. That has been very emotionally draining for her and even me, I love her to bits and I cant believe what a scum bag her husband is. He simply ruined her life, taking her out of her well paying, decent and very  comfortable job, out of her loving family’s house, to take her to another country where she found out half way through her pregnancy that he is already married (3urfi) to someone 9 years older than him, and has a baby girl from her as well!  Urgh. I feel so frustrated for her. Seriously, she must be the most innocent person I ever met. I think its because she is so innocent, she couldnt see the signs of deceipt. Or he was too good of an actor… I am just happy that she is strong about it, she will stand up for herself and walk away, while most women in our part of the world will stay in a crappy marriage fearing the label of a ‘divorced woman’ and fearing the financial burdens, or just fearing loneliness..

Back to me, my new boss is a lovely woman, amazing at what she does, very knowledgeable and hands on with her job and that is refreshing in comparison with my previous boss.. however! yes you knew that was a ‘but’ moment there.. she wants to relocate the whole regional team in its intirety (63 staff who have lives and families in Dubai) to Egypt to make her life easier! Not to mention cut cost on Dubai’s budget.. Oh, well. Let’s see how that goes. I am hopeful. : )

So many has happened in January, many I will not mention or go over briefly not even in a notion. But it was a month of stress, tough decisions, friendships made and some lost. But most of all, my belief in that tough times are the best teachers, mostly we learn of our own strength, has become an even deeper belief.

January. Glad its over!

  1. asoom says:

    I can definitely relate to your experience of having a close friend go through a divorce. One of my close friends got divorced after only a year and a half because because her husband was such a jerk to her. She didn’t even find out until after they were separated that on top of all of that he had been cheating on her. You just feel so bad that someone close to you had to go through that kind of experience, it makes you really angry. Like you said it gets emotionally draining to see someone you care about have to deal with that kind of situation and know that they’re hurting. So I can definitely relate to you. I’m proud of her that she got out of it instead of feeling like she has no other options.

    February is proving to be a better month!

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      Exactly, i am raged for her! I feel bad she had to go through this, i know she can handle it, but it has broken something inside, and she hasnt fully recovered yet. and i feel useless..

      im glad Feb is looking up for u. 🙂

  2. Marvin says:

    That which does not kill you, merely pisses you off. Your poor friend!

    You WANT to go to Egypt? or not? It’s not clear.

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      I dont Marv, i have a life here and this is where i was born and raised, its home.
      however, if i cannot do anything about it, then que sera sera. i dowanna be unemployed afterall.. no one does.

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