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Posted: December 21, 2009 in bla bla bla, random, shocking, Uncategorized

people and stars in specific dying so young??? (and by young i mean they’re not 60 yet!)

Brittany Murphy this morning, age 32.

Stephen Gateley, age 33.

Chris Henry, age 26 .

Michael Jackson, age 50.

Patrick Swayze, age 57.

Heath Ledger, age 28.

Makes me ponder.

Death is always sad, and I know I shouldn’t think that it’s sadder and unfair because they were too young, but a part of me does think that..

  1. Rula A. says:

    Yea..It is sad.. May their souls rest in peace..

  2. Marvin says:

    I think a lot more of them would live longer if they didn’t abuse drugs. I think the real question is, if being and rich and famous is so wonderful, why do they need drugs to make themselves feel better?

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      i was thinking something very similar! most thin, beautiful, successful and rich people end up either dying young coz of some substance abuse, or commit suicide (like swedes, who have the highest rate of suicide even though they’re gorgeous and have everything, except the sun! :D) but ur right, why wud they need to get high? i think substance is missing from their life. and faith/spirituality

  3. Anonymous says:

    only the good dye young all the evil seems to last forever ..

  4. Batoul says:

    ykhaleelik 7babik…. finally making time to visit my favorite pages again. Miss you ya amar. :HUG:

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