Posted: October 22, 2009 in bla bla bla, ma7alli, random, thoughts

* TGIT! seriously, that was one of the longest weeks in history. well in my (short) history! its funny how happiness/misery sometimes can be a powerful time measurement unit! I wonder about the ancient times, before watches and sand clocks, how did they measure time when they were happy/miserasble? i mean we can say “the hours stretched forever” or ” the minutes wouldnt pass”, how about them? were they aware of the concept of time? or was it only measured by day and night in their heads.. worth googling i reckon! or snuggling in bed tonight with my best friend, the Discovery Channel <3<3<3 

* I thought i was such a good judge of character in the past, and now I am more sure than ever. Since i moved into the new office, i have observed everyone, I tend to take my sweet long time to mingle and make friends as i am a firm believer that there are no friends at work. Everyone will in the end worry bout theirselves. But if someone opens up, i give my two ears to listen! lol. so this girl who sits fairly close to my desk and i have been talking more frequently lately, general stuff, we’re both into astronomy/astrology, books, and jewelry : D but the other day she started telling me the office gossip. And its fascinating that most are just as filthy, and some, just as evil, and others, just as manipulating as i expected them to be. even though i did not engage in any talk with any. it’s not that i impressed myself. but it’s just funny how the human race can sometimes be so predictable.

* over the weekend as I was driving back from my sister’s place, i had to pass through al Quoz road, and to my joy and ultimate happiness, i found a huge traffic tail, as i somehow get clausterphobic, i got out of the car for a minute in the stand still to see what was holding us up. turns out the first car in the tail line was a cab, whose driver was honking frantically loud at two peacocks crossing the road AS IF they would listen or be bothered! its so weird that on al Quoz road you would see more exotic animals than you would at Jumeirah Zoo! i once saw a deer and its fawn crossing, someone was once mentioning they saw a couple of monkeys on that road too, and my boss was telling us the other day that he saw a leopard crossing! can you imagine your state of mind if you see a free wild leopard just crossing the street? I would panic and faint!! It seems there’s some mansion or sheikh’s palace there.

after a long (and boring) training session today.. this was very spot on. Have a good weekend everyone!

  1. Marvin says:

    LOL I love Discovery channels also. I’m too cheap to pay for Discovery Military channel though.

    People ARE the same, everywhere. You’re wise to deal with them as you do.

    We have alligators and panthers… I think it would be a nice change to see YOUR fauna!

  2. Rula A. says:

    I know how it feels when you feel you are in the longest work-week ever..
    You are one of the few people I know that like Discovery Channel 🙂
    And yes you are RIGHT about the fact; there are no friends at work. I believe in that too.
    Lo0oL carry a banana with you in case you meet a Monkey ;P
    Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      Welcome to my box Rula, oh i love the discovery channel, and discovery living and animal planet even!
      have a good one urself 🙂

  3. Clemento says:

    Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  4. Simple Me says:

    Have a great weekend 🙂
    About time measurement, I lost track of days and time.. it started with days and extended to time.. i no longer wear a watch!! even when im traveling, which is stupid – I know! I think i’ll have to change this bad habit now that I will start working soon :$

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      I never wore a watch, but thats coz i hate boundaries and feel confined with sth around my wrist. Also, cell phones tell time 😀
      hope u had/have a great weekend too hun : )) and wish u all the best!

  5. eshda3wa says:

    we always think were good judges of character but ppl always manage to surprise us

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