on expectations and such..

Posted: September 20, 2009 in feelings, inside out, sad me


Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy – the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation.
– Eric Hoffer

Sometimes, unintentionally, i give some people the benefit of the doubt, or too much credit, or just like them enough to expect the best out of them. Normally, i dont have much expectations, to avoid disappointment. But sometimes, it happens. w ghaltet il sha6er bi alf. (loosely translated into: a wise man’s err is equal to a thousand mistakes)

Disappointment is a hard emotion to process, its something that will always feel bad. Like with a first love, it will always be intense, the ones that come after that, less intense. but with disappointment, it will always hurt the same. I think what hurts more is the affirmation that our judgement is impaired and flawed.

The ways i found effective in getting over it, is disenchantment, and detachment.

  1. Marvin says:

    I agree: every time I expect something of someone, I’m disappointed. You would think I would learn. 😉

  2. Touché says:

    It’s a journey that gives a new lesson with every step till you cultivate your flawless judgmental skills. Just don’t let it get to the best of you by turning in apathetic person.

    You’re right, I find it hard to deal with those who disappoint me rather than dealing with the disappointment itself. The hardest is having to deal with disappointments from those you care the most about them.

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      I agree, nice to see you back to my box Touché.

      I dont get disappointed by anyone i dont care about, the more i care, the worse the hurt.

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