Posted: September 11, 2009 in damdoumization, life, me me me, random

Wow, i have been so away for so long, what has it been now, 4 months? give or take. had a lot to deal with. Changed jobs, finally! I couldnt be happier thank God, il7amdila, im finally back in my element. Personal Banking. No more crappy boss, who incidently, was laid off shortly after i left. I had a tough time on my exit interview, as i was debating the idea of snitching, many of his actions and transactions were completely against compliance (and work ethics) rules. To be honest, my conscience wouldnt have been cleared had i done that. God has his ways. and his cover was blown eventually. Thank God i had no hand in that. seriously. even if it were the right thing to do. I would have felt horrible doing it. Anyway. its all past me now. So totally over. I have a new beginning, and im very content with God’s blessings. Please God, keep them pouring!

I was planning on taking the  metro this weekend, just for the heck of it, from the first station, to the very last one. and back again! lol. But will do that next weekend hopefully. I have never been on a metro can you believe that? all the travel i have done, never once went. i may have an underlying fear of it with all the accidents we hear lol but seriously, i love driving! i dont think i can depend on any other form of uncontrolled transport! especially that our metro has no driver :S feels kinda weird. I just hope it eases traffic, whether i take it or not!

I am developing a craze for books recently! I am especially head over heels for Paulo Coelho. Reading The Zahir now. Just finished Veronika Decides to Die. surprisingly not the dark novel i expected it to be. its kind of life-enhancing! as all Paulo creations i reckon. I also got Deepak Chopra’s Grow Younger, Live Longer. lol. i know, too soon, and so unneeded since everyone thinks im 22-23, while i am fastly approaching 30. Hope that trend sticks on for another 20 years!

I will be back, but i have an urge to go blog hopping. I must have missed out on so many good writings, and many events in your lives..

  1. BuJassem says:

    Good post.. wow.. you’re almost hitting 30? well I got hit a few months back.. I was planning a huge party back in London town which got screwed coz I am in Dubai now and didn’t realise that it’s normal to force people not to take holidays until they worked for 6 months. What a stupid system for stupid people. Anyway it just means next year I’ll have a huge party and call it my 30th. Deal?

    I think I’ll visit the metro next week. I don’t wanna get outcrowded by idiots who walk as stupidly as they drive. Just coz they parked their car in the carpark doesn’t mean their bad habits have stayed in the car.. oh no it isn’t!

    How’s the new job? Must be great to have a job as a banker in this environment.. but personal banking is not like investment banking I guess. Well. I’m just an engineer.

    When I had my exit interview for my UK job (which I held for a record of almost 7 yrs) I did bitch about everyone I didn’t like including my rude french boss that would force me to attend meetings that started at 4.30pm when she knows that that is when I go home. Plus she keeps saying there is no God etc,, I just wanted to throttle her.

    I love Paulo’s books.. he’s a genius. I read all his books 2 yrs ago and now I bought Brida and will read it soon. The Valkyres is probably my favorite 🙂

  2. Verbal Alchemy says:

    BuJ: im actually 28 going on 29, but i feel time IS indeed going to pass me by too quickly until i wake up one day and im 30! oh and deal, i’ll be throwing 30th bday parties till im way beyond 40 lol

    U know, i seriously contemplated the idea, i wanned to rat him out and i had evidence and proofs and what not, but its just not me, and i believe in Karma and that God is very Just. so i let him be, i just needed a smooth exit out of that crappy place.

    my favorite is actually the witch of portabello. but i still have a few more to read from his collection.

  3. Simple Me says:

    welcome back.. I ‘ve missed you!

  4. BuJ says:

    Inshalla el 3omr kullo 🙂
    I am sure you will continue to act in the amazingly good way you do regardless of your biological age.. class is class 🙂

    Portabello eh? the witch.. i don’t think i read that?! did he sneak in another book since i last check out his names on the bookshelves! mind you, 2007 was basically all for paulo C!! but now i’m reading a lot of non-fiction.

  5. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Kinzi: thanks hun!

    Dima: missed u too sweets *hug*

    BuJ: thanks, the witch of portobello (sorry for the typo first time) is a lovely book, it will change ur view on love and joy, and even sacrifice.

  6. Marvin says:

    I’m glad you’re writing again! You always have such interesting thoughts, expressed so eloquently.

    Thanks for visiting me… I had been thinking about you and then you showed up! I should think of you more often, to summon you. 😉

  7. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Marv: thanks as always for your kind words. u flatter me too much 🙂

    lol @ summon! felt ethereal for a second there..

  8. sam says:

    welcome back…i thought u were gone for good…and i accidently came to your blog …i meant to take it off my favourite…but i am a procrastinator…i guess is a good thing…glad everyrthing is ok with u..:)

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