20 April.. what a black monday

Posted: April 28, 2009 in feelings, inside out, sad me

he was supposed to turn 60 in June. God had other plans.

mom texted sis and i saying he’s tired, and that we should come down and see him.. hopefully when he sees us he will feel better. we did not even set foot in the plane when we got the call that he had passed. i havent seen dad in 3 years, and sis hasnt seen him since start of 2008. the flight was a blur really.. once we got there my cousin picked us up, took us to the hospital where dad passed.. we had to say goodbye to one of the most amazing people and one of the greatest fathers who ever lived in the morgue.. mkaffan. ice cold. yet smiling. he passed away smiling. i still cant believe i have to say allah yer7amo every time i mention my dad.. he did not get to see me in white, never will see my children.. but im sure he will be watching over us all. he always was our guardian. our protector.

please send out a prayer when you read this. Allah yer7amak w ye7sen eleik ya rab.

  1. secratea says:

    my deepest condolences and prayers go to you and your family. Allah yer7amo, Amen.

  2. asoom says:

    Oh sweetie I’m so sorry to hear about you and your family’s loss.
    3anjad I’m speechless I don’t know what to say other than I will make sure to keep you and your family in my next du3aa inshallah.

  3. Rula says:

    alla yir7ami w a’7er il a7zaan insha2alla..
    Rula – From Naser’s blog page.

  4. Naser says:

    at least u got to see him one last time 🙂
    yes he’ll be watching over u,i know it happens all the time 🙂
    shedde 7ailek.. I wish i could be there!

  5. Pru says:

    Allah yirhamo w ysaberkom amen.

  6. انّا لله و انّا اليه راجعون. رحمة الله عليه و تقبّله انشالله في فسيح جنّاته. و الهمكم الصبر و السلوان.
    يسلم راسك و البقية في حياتك

  7. 7aki Fadi says:

    May his soul rest in peace 😦

  8. Maioush says:

    إن لله وإن إليه راجعون
    my condolences to you and your family.

  9. kinziblogs says:

    Dear dear one, I’ve been thinking of you since reading this yesterday (comments wouldn’t load).

    May the God of all comfort be very near as you work through the numbness of this loss and pain. May He hold you close as you weep. I am praying for you.

  10. Marvin says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

  11. Hala says:

    Allah yer7amo o ysabberkom, be strong.

  12. siegex says:

    انا لله وانااليه راجعون
    البقاء لله
    الله يرحم فقيدكم ويلهمكم الصبر والسلوان

  13. KJ says:

    ra7mat Allah 3aleih, my condolences to you and your family

  14. mo says:

    im so sorry to hear that .. Allah yir7amo

  15. leila says:

    😦 My deepest condolonces to you and your family.. Allah yer7amo, may his soul rest in peace.

  16. Manal says:

    allah yer7mo, 3atham allah ajrkom

  17. T says:

    Allah yr7amo o y7sen eleh…o inshallah Mathwah el janneh…


  18. sam says:

    i am sorry for your loss….allay yer7amo….:(

  19. LioneSS says:

    Allah yer7amo w ye7sen eleh
    w yej3al mathwah el janneh

  20. Mamoon says:

    allah yer7amo w ye7seen eleeh..
    ameen ya rab

  21. Princess N says:

    I am so sorry for your loss… we know that this is God’s will and that life does on but saying goodbye to a close person is very very hard.. God be with you and Allah yir7amo..

  22. Tamara says:

    Allah Yr7moo …

  23. عابر says:

    رحمه الله واسكنه فسيح جنانه

    تذكري قول النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم :إذا مات العبد انقطع عنه عمله إلا من ثلاث : صدقة جارية ، أو علم ينتفع به أو ولد صالح يدعو له

    انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

  24. KHouloud says:

    الله يرحمه و يلهمكم الصبر و السلوان

  25. Marvin says:

    You’ve been quiet lately. I hope you write more soon!

    • Verbal Alchemy says:

      got a lot to deal with at the moment. altho was thinking today to write sth bout hypocrites. but thought id sleep on it. been a very gloomy mood lately in my little box.

  26. thanks everyone for your prayers, i appreciate it.

  27. Genial says:

    was lead to ur blog thru a bunch of different blogs
    i had to stop here and recite a prayer for him
    allah yer7amo

  28. Marvin says:

    Okay, enough silence, Dima! Brighten the world with your wondrous intellect. A few pithy words, at least. 😉

  29. BuJ says:

    My happiness as a result of finding this blog is shattered with this sad news. I’m so very very sorry. Allah yir7amo as I’m sure he’s in a better place. Weirdly I been thinking a lot about death in the last 48 hrs. First it was sheikh Zayed’s 5 year anniv (hijri calendar) then, I wanted to visit my grandma’s grave yesterday but spent most of the day in another graveyard coz my boss’s aunt passed away, she raised him it seems. Very sad. Anyway, dying in Ramadan is the best way to go.

    I’m happy that your Dad (Allah yer7amo) left with a smile. I wish we get that honour when it’s our time. God Bless Him.

  30. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Thanks Genial, and BuJ for the wishes.

    As for Marv, you can clearly see im back! lol thanks for dropping by.

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