Posted: February 17, 2009 in people, thoughts

* hypocrites must be, in addition to liars, my most loathed category of society. i dont understand how can one think something, and do another. or be nice to someone in the face, and then take their chance at bashing/offending them behind their backs, in the case im referring to, it was deliberate, & right infront of me, but in a concealed manner.. as in, using an Alias!  you know yourself. and i dont know how you even began to think i would be so oblivious. im no idiot.

* actually yeah, thats all i wanned to blurt out today!

  1. KJ says:

    I hear ya… but we are all hypocrites at one point, and do something opposed to our beliefs and values (am not referring to your issue with the person you’re directing this to, but just in general)

  2. Batoul says:

    well, good job on being able to blurt out things. I’m still trying to learn that trick. You get em girl! 😉

  3. Verbal Alchemy says:

    KJ: bi sara7a, i dont agree at all. if one is true to one self, one will never become a hypocrite! and if one has a deep set of values, not one that ya dob meqtene3 feeha, then one wouldnt go against them.

  4. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Batoul: 7abibti i miss u loads! havent been online in ages, and when i am, ur not! *hug kbeereh*

    being blunt is one of the most amazing things i was blessed with i reckon. i sleep witha clear conscience..

  5. Touché says:

    The funny thing is that hypocrisy isn’t viewed as an infamous act as it used to be, it’s becoming more of a modern social act that has to be practiced from time to time.

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