25 things one has to eat before one dies

Posted: December 24, 2008 in around the world, damdoumization, random, stuff

i will not post accompanying pictures, since its a long post!

25.  octopus: especially baby octopus, deep fried with tartar or marinara sauce, or simply in a salad, yum!! it might not look very appealing in the raw, but when cooked the taste is heavenly.

24. gazelle meat:  in my meat eating days i was pretty adventurous with the meat i tried. and gazelle or dear meat was exquisite! very woody kinda earthy taste, dark meat, cooked to perfection with red potatoes and gravy.. num!

23. Lobster: this sweet meat has to be eaten at least once before one moves on! its light, sweet, succulent, and simple.

22. sushi:  sushi must be my favorite, even though i dont eat red meat or white, i love seafood! and i crave every once in a while, and usually in the form of sushi. i do not appreciate sashimi but sushi is amazing, especially with a heavy dose of wasabi! Yum!

21. hot dog from a street cart! lol i dont think there’s anything better than that! warm bread, all the toppings one would wish, and the great outdoors! (for those of you in the states, dont take that delicacy for granted!)

20. curry:  i think the indian cuisine is one of the best if not the ultimate best in rich, colourful, spicey aromatic foods. and curry being the king of all food, best if eaten in south india, or southern indian restaurants, coz they make the best curries ever!

19. spanish paella: paella is a unique ‘saucepan’ dish from spain, that is both spicey and very de-lish however made! usually its a mix of rice, meat, seafood, vegetables, beans, and spices cooked together with meat/veggie stock and chili paste, you can be creative with the ingredients, or even cook it vegetarian!

18.  mexican mole: bit of a wierd combination, but its a sauce made of chile and chocolate served over meat!  it tastes great whatever the meat used is.. i like the idea of chocolate with salty foods, it makes it more interesting, like in the french cuisine they have an amazing dish of grilled fish and white choc sauce.

17. authentic wood fired oven baked pizza: this is my ultimate favorite! even more than wood fire ovens, i love pizza made on charcoal (like the turkish pizza) that is a must try (and a sure instant love)!

16. sweet potato: as a main dish or dessert, sweet potato is a delicious veggie that is versatile and goes nicely with lamost all cuisines.  i personally like it as sweet potato tempura, or sweet potato pie, but many mash it instead of normal potatoes as it is lower in carb and is suitable for ppl following the GI diet.

15. chowder soup: my favorite type of soup, its chunky, thickened with crackers, its got a creamy base (usually made out of milk, skimmed milk can be used also, hurrah!) the most famous chowder soup is clam chowder, but i personally love potato, corn or mixed vegetable chowder soup more. healthy, chunky, and so good in the cold days!

14. miso soup: or ‘dashi’ is a traditional Japanese soup made out of miso paste some add tofu, some add veggies, the variations are vast but the base is one. a very healthy Japanese snack or side dish, and i think everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime..

13. lucky # 13 is paneer: most famous in indian/persian cuisine. the non melting, non fat cheese cubes incorporated in many vegetarian dishes and i personally love the indian use of paneer in dishes like paneer makhni or dingri mattar paneer.. once tried, you will fall in love instantly!

12. salted lassi: keeping with the indian cuisine, also widely drunk in pakistan and neighbouring south asian countries, is lassi. i love the salted one more than the sweet one coz it makes more sense! its simply yoghurt mixed with a bit of water, salt, pepper, cumin seeds, and sometimes milk and lemon juice.  perfect for summer days!

11. pumpkin hummus: this is a great chinese take on the traditional middle eastern hummus! and it is  a must try. no regrets there i assure you…

10. durian fruit:  the notorious foul smelled fruit that has been banned from buses, hotels, and hospitals in many asian countries, in fact some countries may fine you if you get into a cab or a bus with a durian fruit in your lap! it is a creamy sweet tasting fruit, if you can get past its horrible smell, it tastes like.. vanilla pudding! Durian is also known for its healthy benefits as it cures insomnia, OCD, suicidal depression, parkinson’s disease, PMS, and also can curb a glutton appetite since its rich in proteins and minerals and very filling.

9. dragon fruit: funky color! and tastes amazing. also very healthy and is known to reduce weight and reverse diabetes type 2 if eaten regularly. i love the scent and color of it more than my love for its taste to be frank!

8. rambutans: the overall image isnt so appealing and one may take time to figure out how to tackle it, but once you get there, oh wow the sweetest, silkiest, and most refreshing fruit ever is just waiting! One of my favorites and although i sometimes wish it did not have a seed (flaky skinned seed that you should avoid at all costs when digging into a rambutan) but still is one of my faves!

7. freshly baked saj goodies: i love saj, especially in winter, freshly made before your eyes, with tons of zatar and cheese, and just baked to a perfect crunch! YUM! with mint tea and great company, this is prolly one of the (many) things i would love to eat right  before i die! lol

6. pocky: a japanese snack simply being biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate or strawberry! i love them and the original ones should be tried at least once in a lifetime. recently the variations have become endless: cherry cream covered, almond bits and choc, coffee, toffee, banana and choc, vanilla, and the last i tried was an amazing Glico bitter chocolate pocky! Yum-eee! the japanese come up with the craziest stuff most of the time, but pocky, is a sane yet very addictive treat!  

5. krispy kreme’s original glazed doughnut:  ‘nuf said!

4. MacDonald’s Big Mac: again ‘nuf said!

3. freshly bakes ice cream cones: first, they smell alluring and drool inducing! secondly, they taste just out of this world when they’re fresh!

2. home grown tomatoes: there is nothing more fulfilling than picking up vegetable and fruits and legumes from your own back yard, but even more so if that home grown item is a red, rich, sweet, and juicy tomato! seriously, unbelievable.

1. choclate mousse cheesecake: this i bet women will agree with me on, but men will appreciate since its the most sinful item of food that you can ever sink your teeth into! actually u will not need to use teeth for this as it melts so seductively in your mouth infusing all that (fat) rich taste.. ahhhh! beautiful!

this is my list, feel free to add or even make up your own!
enjoy good food, be adventurous, try new things, especially in their native country, try to stay healthy with your choices, at least most of the time 😉 you can always indulge every once in a while..

  1. chika says:

    anything like octopus walla squid walla heik no way am eating! eww! X[

  2. sel3 says:

    No. 10 Durian is a NO NO, it doesn’t taste sweet! it is horrible and not only the smell, I don’t know how the Malaysians and Singaporeans like it!
    the rest of your list seems delicious.

  3. I had just about everything in on your list, and I really can’t agree with many things you said. Like.. Chowders being healthy! Oh my god the amount of cream (aka pure fat) that goes in them will offset every nutritional benefit
    And the ultimate Clam is the Smoked Salmon Clam. Followed by Clam Chowder (but this one has bacon)
    Durian sucks man. How could you eat it. EWWW!
    I don’t see Crab on the list. In meats it’s the king and rules all. Lobster is really just expensive, but nothing special. Snow Crab is the best
    If you like Pumpkin Hummus, you HAVE TO try pumpkin Mtabbal. It’s amazing!
    Whopper is better than BigMac :), and my recent favorite, Wendy’s. There’s something to be said about fresh-never-frozen-square-patties.
    Salted Lassie is something we make as well. Dough in Persian (with Soda instead of water), are all relatives of Shinina
    Paella (Payeyya) is actually an Arabic dish. It’s originally called “Baqaya”, or leftovers. Thrown in a skillet and stirred into a think stew.

    emmm … what else …
    Yeah, you love food .. you gotta be careful not to tip the scale 🙂

  4. jessyz says:

    Interesting list.

  5. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Chika: omg! ur missing out! the only thing i cant tolerate is oysters, bas everything else is nummmm :smiley homer simpson:

  6. Verbal Alchemy says:

    sel3: durian is known for its ability to increase potency, and keeps men and women healthier in that area for longer years, yemken laheik they like it even more! bas ana 3an nafsi i closed my nose and enjoyed the taste, i did not find it revolting, it just stinks!

  7. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Q: i disagree, maybe the commercial chowders have a lot of fat, but im talking bout home made ones, u can alter and change la teshba3 😀 ana i use skimmed milk masalan, and all the veggies in the world except the starchy stuff, and add oatmeal. its warm, wintery, and wholesome.

    guys and their love for BK! i cant stand it even in my meat eating days i never liked burger king, Mac all the way!

    crab is my ultimate fave, but i cudnt think of kmaleh lal 30 things to eat fa i took it out 😛 actually i enjoy crab sticks in sushi rolls as well.

    pumkin mtabbal u say? 😕 will find it some place! lol i love mtabbal :love:

    bil nihayeh il nas azwaa2, but i encourage trying everything, i cant stand ppl who r too afraid of trying new things.. inno shu hal 3eesheh lol

  8. Verbal Alchemy says:

    jessy: we aim to please hon 😀

  9. KJ says:

    *prints page*

    *drives to restaurants*

  10. Verbal Alchemy says:

    KJ: lol good luck finding durian here!

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  12. Marvin says:

    I love paneer too!!!!

    You forgot “dog”. Doesn’t matter what kind, from what I understand.

  13. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Marv: paneer rocks! i love it :mushy smiley, drooling: lol

  14. Lujee says:

    i can’t agree with a lot on that list… mcdonalds?! uhhm.. ok loll
    but quite a few are REALLY inetersting!

  15. lieben says:

    Interessante Informationen.

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