Posted: December 18, 2008 in rant

why does it seem like il 3alam ma betsadde2 yseer shi la yseer everyone talking and blogging about it! the whole blogosphere is repleted and overcrowded with the shoe-throwing incident. are people THAT uninspired? and would people please stop calling my blessed day of birth  ‘youm il 8anader’! :rant:

  1. chika says:

    I know! over ya3ny o eza endarab eb kendara ya3ny..

  2. Verbal Alchemy says:

    chika: shu bi3arrefni! its like wherever i go i find someone talking bout it, even at the office they were forwarding the vid! :la6em: inno 5alas, shufulkun seereh tanyeh :-/

  3. Noura says:

    Am surprised that even here in the U.S. it is still referred to in the news on all channels, all day with video too..!! Most of the comedians were sad to see bush leaving because he provided lots of material, I guess he kept the best for last loool
    I’ll keep following the story until I know something about the fate of this poor journalist, and the latest reports aren’t good.

  4. asoom says:

    hahahaha I haven’t blogged about this but I would have if noone else did! Come on ya3ni it’s at least funny!!!!

  5. Hani Obaid says:

    The same thing happened at Eid.

    I saw the video on the blogs before the real media posted it, but it mirrors what people are really talking about a lot. I mean al-ghad newspaper’s daily comic since the incident has been about nothing but shoes.

    I think the hubhub will die down, and the poor man will spend years in jail without his family, and people will forget about him.

  6. Hani Obaid says:

    Not sure what made me think you stopped blogging!

  7. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Noura: i guess everyone is so frustrated with the financial crisis they are just waiting for something to focus on instead!

    and lol i wonder how jon stuart will be conducting his show without the bush material! it was like the essence of his show to make fun of GWB!

  8. Verbal Alchemy says:

    asoom: so u cudnt stay away from blogging 😀 glad ur back : )

  9. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Hani: i know! lol fa3ou kellun 3al eid. which is precisely why i dont blog much lately. im so uninspired w il blogosphere is becoming boring and repetitive..

    and yes, he wasted his life and future for a vent out that has become just an email forwarded to millions for a laff!

  10. Batoul says:

    LOL! It didn’t occur to me both events happened on the same day haha
    Yeah, I marked all as read and moved right along..

  11. marvin says:

    I thought the whole thing was silly. In Russia or China, he would have disappeared and no one would ever have seen him again. In Iraq and in the US, he’s a folk hero. Then everyone turns the channel back to “American Idol.” It’s pathetic.

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