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Posted: December 7, 2008 in bla bla bla, inside out, random, rant, sad me

* what is it bout national day that makes ppl ‘snap’ in this country! the traffic and accidents and ta5mees and burning wheels and face paint and all that crap! its ittihad, not ta7reer!

* as Eid drops by every year, i find myself more detached of every jolly emotion it should bring.. im more convnced that Eid and all other celebrated occasions, are mostly great forkids.. adults lose something as they get older that doesnt make em enjoy these celebrations.. but the wierdest thing is, i love christmas! of course  for the decorations and colors and all that, not for the religious reason behind it.  oh and Kel 3am w ento b5eir.

* why is it that men hate questions so much!? normal questions and innocent inquiries make a man blow up! inno r their brains designed differently!? like to identify any form of query as nagging! eft! i have no idea how we came from that creature’s rib!

* im sick of everything and need a MAJOR change. suggestions!?

  1. Lujee says:

    know what you mean on the Eid and Christmas subject.. I’ve lost all sorts of interest in Eid, it’s become more of a burden than a happy holiday.. Christmas is still happy though! And I wish I lived somewhere where it snows..

    how about travel somewhere for a change , even if it’s for one day.. or take up a day use at any hotel… ! I know that would work for me =)

  2. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Lujee: welcome to my box : ) kel 3am w enti b5eir.

    i love snow too! wierd enuf since i hate rain 😕 i find it too gloomy, snow is white and bright and so optimistic 😀

    thanks for the ideas, money is tight for traveling right now, but a day at a hotel or a spa is prolly what i need right now! thanks again.

  3. eshda3wa says:

    maybe we should start decorating 4 3eed
    it would make it a lot more fun

  4. Verbal Alchemy says:

    eshda3wa: ya reit! in my head Adha is associated with sheep slaughtering! not a pleasant visual..

  5. Batoul says:

    *How come I feel like am so following you on this post? speaking my mind babe… never fails lol

    I tried to make your Eid better (actually I dont know whose Eid I was trying to make better mine/yours) but you never picked up your phone.

    Major change, Ive been attempting with no hope.. take a vacay to 7alab ;] or heck, Sweden! 😛 whatever it is, I hope kel Eid wo inty wo 7babek bkhair. Cheer up :.)

  6. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Batoul: you did!?! LOL i only got (no number) missed calls and usually those are my man’s 😀 sorry hun *hug* sms me lemme save ur number 🙂

    LOL fdee7a enti 😛 no no 7alab jay la 3andi inshalla by Xmas 😉 that will be all i need really! but i feel like a major makeover 😐 wanna dye my hair purple 😀

    w enti b alf 5eir 7aboub *hug*

  7. Hala says:

    Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, hope you had fun. *hug*


  8. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Halool: thanks a lot hun *hug*

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