need for speed? NOT!

Posted: November 9, 2008 in dubai, ma7alli, no comment, shocking

this morning, i was unfortunate to witness a terrible accident, involving a motorbike, an innocent pedestrian, & a couple of cars.. and when i say witness, i mean i SAW the WHOLE thing from start to finish.. had to wait for the ambulance and police to finish up wrapping the scene,  announcing the pedestrian (who was a poor municipality labourer cleaning the side of the road) half-dead, rushing the very injured biker to the nearest hospital, clearing up the very TINY shreds of his bike from the road, and then easing the traffic that was backed up horribly..

i cudnt care much bout the traffic, it was just so devastating to see such a waste of life, only coz the biker was speeding and lost control of his bike.. why would anyone want to speed at 630 in the morning!? there is hardly any traffic, there wont be anyone breathing down his neck for being late at work coz its all too early anyway! sigh.. what a shame really..

drive safe ppl, seriously nothing is worth risking your life or that of others..

  1. Batoul says:

    mskeen el pedestrian…
    I fear motorcycle accidents, never come out good.
    Allah y7meeki bannout

  2. KJ says:

    I’ve witnessed lots of accidents on Dubai roads 😦 many images of dead people are in my head.

    Today a crane fell on sheikh zayed road. The safety in this country is absurd

  3. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Batoul: i fear them too, altho i love bikes.. thanks hon *hug* w ye7meeky

  4. Verbal Alchemy says:

    KJ: yeah i heard! wonder how that happened! 😐
    allah ye7mee il jamee3

  5. sam says:

    o 7aram poor guy….at least the bikers brought on to himself…but it is still a shame…why the need for speed…it is so sad…:(

  6. iselldreams says:

    so sad!

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