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Posted: October 20, 2008 in bla bla bla, damdoumization, life, random, thoughts, Uncategorized

* i am somehow convinced that selfishness and selflessness are both really bad qualities.. i even tend to believe selflessness is worse! with selfishness, you at least get what you want, you might hurt people along the way, or lose some, but still, your goals are achieved, your possessions are ‘possessed’, and your wants and needs are actually fulfilled, besides the fact that you’re all alone coz noone will stand that attitude… but you wont even notice it! coz you’re so self centered. however, when you’re selfless, its so energy draining, and psychologically tormenting! You do everything for the good of others, involuntarily, even if you would like to say no, something inside (the inner stupid person) says yes. you end up without doing much on your personal goals, over extending yourself for others will drain you emotionally and physically, most of it will go unappreciated so you will feel frustration, mostly innate, and one day you wake up resenting youself to the max!!! and then starts the psychological torment, you start detesting yourself for being the weak person that you are.. you dont lose people or hurt them like the selfish ones do, but you lose your self love.. which is worse and harder to handle..

* why on earth do some people have to say ‘thats so funny’ instead of, erm, actually laughing at something/ incident/someone!!! it doesnt make sense announcing it without laughing! eft!

* black does NOT look good on everyone! 

* its kinda sad when you reach mid/late twenties, and you know so little about your religion..

* middle class doesnt exist IMHO, its either rich, or poor, even in the holy books, there was never a mention of middle class! and its true.. If a financial crisis hits an individual, 75% of individuals will be considered poor, or get really close to becoming poor. the remaining 25% are either very poor, or very rich to not feel the crisis.

  1. Ali says:

    1) So true.. sigh..

    2) The ones who don’t laugh when they say “that’s so funny” are being sarcastic, at least in my books.

  2. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Ali: u too suffer? sigh X2

    about 2, no some ppl actually have that embedded in them! they dont like to laught loud or laugh at all i presume! lol so they say thats funny! but thats lame! 😐

  3. Qwaider says:

    1) Well, yes and no. But selflessness can be very fulfilling as well. Like a mother raising her child and or a father sacrificing life for him.

    2) Because they’re “Typing”? 🙂

    3) No, black doesn’t look good on everyone

    4) The prophet Mohammed only got the “message” after he was 40. Druz are only taught their religion after they’re 40. So, late 20’s is still good to go 🙂

    5) Everyone would feel a crises. The more money you have, the more you fear it

  4. Batoul says:

    I have to agree with the selfish/selfless. I know someone selfless bas bl 3a2el which is EVEN worse. He is aware enough to not start hating himself but considers it normal and his job to help the world, basically anyone who comes him way. Its amazing but a killer on the personal side.

    LOved the (*)s lool
    About the lack of religion @20s. This is exactly why we have Prophet Mohammad (SWS) to learn through HIS teachings. As far as I know… Religion is to be introduced at a young age and practiced (praying/fasting, ect.) by seven.

    I think parents commit a big mistake when they don’t. But indeed, it is never too late to enrich on to your spirituality.

    PS: I haven’t seen you online and I miss you *huuug* How are things?

  5. Verbal Alchemy says:

    1) thats their responsibility, its what they shud be doing, parents are out of the question here Samer, its their ‘job’ to sacrifice and raise well and give up stuff for the sake of the family.

    2) no no its a colleague, no typing there! bas inno whatever happens or whatever incident he would be sharing with us, he always says it than practice it! ghareeb 😐 lol

    4) i cant believe u mentioned the prophet and druz in the same example! they’re not even a religion.. and my point is, we cant determine that we will live till 40? shudnt we get started pretty young on teachings?

  6. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Batoul: sweets *hug* my PC crashed a while back and i lost all contacts on my msn, i’ll add ur email back again, miss talking to u too bannout 🙂

    it deff is a killer, im starting to resent myself, which isnt good! dangerous stage lol

    i SOOOO agree on what u said, u know, i feel sad the most for my neice, she doesnt speak a word of arabic! she goes to a multi-cultured school and speaksin english most of her time bterja3 il beit speaks to the nanny in english, sis speaks to her in english, i have no idea keif bidda tet3allam Quran! i was raised that way too, but only coz mom dint have the knowledge to pass over to us, but when i read quran, i dont understand half of it coz my arabic sux! and it saddens me.. coz im so proud to be arab and even prouder (and thankful) that im muslim. i guess nothing wrong with self teaching 😀

  7. KJ says:

    Selflessness! Aaarrrgh am such a victim… but am learning to say no and it FEEEEEEEELS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

    Of course I often still feel guilty about being selfish but hey! I want a piece of the pie too 😀

  8. Verbal Alchemy says:

    KJ: dont feel guilty, one is entitled to some selfishness, sometimes enuf is enuf 😕

  9. Cesario says:

    sometimes something is amusing, but doesn’t provoke laughter, I guess that’s why.

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