bad boy syndrome

Posted: October 5, 2008 in life, observations, people, psychobabble, relationships, thoughts, women

as opposed to common belief, good girls DONT always love bad boys, but MOST of them get attracted to one (at the very least) in their lifetime.

why i hear you ask?

i have noticed, after a lot of observation, that the unfortunate truth about women is that they are stupid enough to think they can change men, of course the bigger challenge is changing a bad boy! also, usually we, as humans, innately tend to defy our parents in everything we do, hence, going out with the one boy your mom will always warn you about presents itself as one of the biggest congenital habits, should you be expected to the miss goody-two-shoes by your parents and society. we are born with a passion to be unique, and being predictable is, to some, the worst thing that can happen!

i like to think that the idea of a bad boy (or girl) is exciting because of our curious nature as humans. we love to analyze one another, dissect each other’s personalities and  we love to explore, we thrive for adventure! and what better way to explore than by being in a totally different comfort zone, a bad zone! for a good girl who just wants out, a short lived relationship with the total opposite of her persona DOES sound ideal, but on the long run, i personally think they both will realize that it wont work, and if it would, they both will change and compromise, eventually.

  1. mo says:

    interesting .. i think theres also a certain “bad boys are better at the physical stuff” element involved .. not that its necessarily true, its just a stereotype if u wanna call it that

  2. Verbal Alchemy says:

    actually there is another theory that states shy and sensetive guys to be the best in the physical stuff, just like shy girls are stereotyped as being the ultimate dominatrixes in the bedroom..

  3. Marvin says:

    I agree, I saw a lot of women when I was young, who were attracted to men who were bad for them. Some of the women wise up. Others never do. It’s interesting.

    And I would totally agree with your last comment, Dima. At least about men. 😉 I wouldn’t necessarily agree about women, but I have encountered a few that way.

  4. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Marv: hey there stranger : )
    im sure u have come across this type, and i agree, some never do wise up. i guess the heart wants what the heart wants! 😀

  5. KJ says:


    bad boys are kickass! and so are bad girls!

    bas stay awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    I agree – different is attractive. We persume that the other person being bad and rebellious means they’re living life to the fullest and we want a piece of that too

  6. Verbal Alchemy says:

    KJ: bad girls r gr8 too bt not for long, it grows old u know 😀

    & exactly!

  7. Batoul says:

    oh my constant note to self! *repeats* I can not change a man. I can not change a man. I can not change a man. I can not change a man. I can not change a man.

  8. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Batoul: did it work? did it work? did it work? did it work? did it work? did it work? lol

  9. Pru says:

    What do you mean by “bad”?? A bad boy or girl is an uninhibited bold exciting person who is not afraid to try new things. That actually is not it?? “good” people are what?? tight asses who play constantly by the book and never break a rule and are too orthodox to experiment?? who wants to be with one of those??

    As long as bad does not mean, a school drop out drug addict possibly criminal moron then bad is ok 😉

  10. Verbal Alchemy says:

    i did not include an exact and standard definition Pru, simply coz i believe it depends on one’s level of ‘goodness’ and how would one define bad accordingly. what i find bad u might not and vice versa.

  11. mo says:

    pru i think “bad” describes personality or aura more than behavior .. ya3ni imo u can be a religious guy who prays 5 times doesnt drink and refuses to have sex before marriage and still be a bad boy .. its like saying someone is naughty or az3ar

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