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yeah the title has some pun intended..

my question is, have you ever wished you were of a different ethnic background? ever wished to be of a race you’re not? for whatever reason whether their looks or their rich(er) culture or their lifestyle or anything that might attract you more than your own race..

i always think of that, and even though i am a proud palestinian, i dream about being from anothe race.. wierd aren’t i! anyone else as wierd as well?

Posted: August 6, 2008 in bla bla bla, music

she makes the piano, an instrument i never appreciated, a sexy, beautiful, and exquisite musical experience.

one of the many songs i love for evanescence, with an amazing video, and of course, the strong, yet soothing voice of the great Amy Lee.. enjoy!

why do people hope? why do we hold on to hope like naive innocent children when we know there is a (big) chance of disappointment? what is it about the thought of a better tomorrow or the thought of things working out like you’ve painted them in your head that keeps us going in life?¬†or is it just a ray of light to hold onto through the darkest hours? could it be that hope is corelated to faith? our faith in God lets us know we will be ok, and keeps us sane, and keeps us from ending our lives.. so is hope a form of faith?

i sometimes think i shouldnt hope anymore, for anything! i had a lot of disappointments and was mad at my Creator many times (may He forgive me)…¬†however, i still find myself hoping and wishing..