randomness 2

Posted: August 5, 2008 in damdoumization, life, random, thoughts

* this whole murder case of suzan tamim is sad.. what a sad depressing life she led, and what a way to exit.. may she be in a better place now..

* men dont change. so if a woman’s sole mission in life is to change a man, she’s a fool!

* there are a lot of paradoxes in life, one of which, is why oh why do we not get what we want when we want it? when we stop wanting things, they come to us with major ease .. bleh!

* compatibility means nothing in friendships, why should it mean anything in relationships? we grow up with friends from different backgrounds and different financial levels and different beliefs and we make them friends for life, why is it when chosing a life partner we get all caught up with those factors when all that matters is getting along spiritually and personality wise? i know i know, someone will argue that background shapes people into who they are today, i disagree, experiences do.

* i keep wondering what did people speak before islam? before the quran? in jahiliyeh, even in the time of the great Pharaoh.. was it arabic they spoke back then in Egypt? i mean the prophet (PBUH) obviously spoke arabic, since sunna is in proper Fus7a arabic.. when did arabic originate then, in what time?

  1. The Pharos were not Arabs, so they naturally didn’t speak Arabic. They were not semites either so the closest they got to Arabic was Hebrew from the Israelites of their time.
    In the Hadith it’s mentioned that Isamel was the first Arab to speak in our modern Arabic, there were at least 3 different Arabic languages at his time. Of which only two remain today. Fus-ha and Southern Arabic. But Fus-ha is more spread.

    Just as it’s a fact that “Men don’t change” which may be a positive or a negative thing. Women DO change, which is also a positive and an negative thing.

    Compatibility is the pillar of a relationship. Because after all the sparkle is gone, the two people need to manage to find a way to tolerate and bear each other. Just another synonym to compatibility!

  2. Hala says:

    * I know, it really is sad … Allah yer7amha

    * Really? I will be the one to change that hehehe.

    * Exactly how I felt lately, life is ironic!

    * Allow me to disagree; I think some compatibility is essential in both friendships and relationships.

    * I wonder as well. Languages in general amaze me, especially if you are the U.S. and surrounded by all kinds of people from different nationalities.

  3. neutron says:

    Not sure when Arabic originated but I do know it originated from Yemen and hence they are the original Arabs. As for Egypt (and many other parts of the Arab world), they are “Arabized” Arabs i.e. they’re not orignially Arabs but culturally converted. Egyptians spoke Coptic.

  4. Compatibility is less important in friends because you can get away from your friends. It’s more important in relationships because you are expected to spend more time together than friends do. 😉 I am compatible with everyone to a point, and almost no one beyond that point. I am grateful to have found my wife. She is compatible with me much more so.

    Ha, I have never seen “peace be unto him” abbreviated. How funny!

  5. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Q: what is southern arabic, awal marra basma3 feeha 😐

    i dont mean mental compatibility which ALL of u are debating, i meant demographic, social, financial compatibility, why is it so important for them to be in the same social circle? or same level of financial capabilities? or being in the same age generation! it doesnt matter at all bi nazari.

    and LOL women do change, only when they want to 😀 but men have a longer soul searching process to change. and usually they wont do it for their partner, as women would.

  6. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Hala: zaman 3annek bannout! missed u around *hug*
    and sweets, i love u, but ur a fool if u think u will change any man 😀

  7. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Neutron: interesting, i did not know that it originated from Yemen..

  8. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Marv: God bless u 2 :flower:

  9. KJ says:

    I am hungry.

    Why does a fine dish turn into garbage as soon as you place it in the sink?

    Add it to your randomness.

  10. Verbal Alchemy says:

    KJ: 1 food randomness post coming up!

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