tip for the sizzling summer

Posted: July 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

yuB, time for the health related post that will last you for the coming, oh, 2-3 months! 😀

it seems natural to crave an ice cream in the summer.. but you would be surprised to know which foods are more likely to cool your body…. people who live in hot climates eat hot spicy foor for a reason, it helps them prespire, which cools the body as the sweat evaporates! spices work as diaphoretics, meaning they help the body release heat. (of course make sure to dirnk a lot of liquids to compensate for the loss in water through sweating).

generally foods that are sweet, bitter or astringent have a cooling effect on the body, usually salty, sour, and pungent foods have a heating effect on the body and are consumed in winter..

so without futher a due, here is a list of cooling foods to help you keep your cool 😀

Fruits: Apples, Avocado, Coconut, Grapes, Mangoes, Raisins, Strawberries, Watermelon
Veggies: Squash, Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Bok Choy, Cucumber (of course!), Corn, Dandelion greens, Fennel, Onions, White potatoes, and Snow peas.
Proteins: White meat turkey and chicken, White flesh fish, Shrimp, Tofu, Almonds
Herbs/Spices: Dill, Mint (especially tea with mint), Cumin, Coriander, fennel, Turmeric, Cardamom, and Rosewater.

ta ta!

  1. wonders says:

    cool i didn’t know that!
    but you didn’t mention the effect the spices has on the rest of us!!

  2. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Wonders: the spices mentioned here as cooling spices, have no effect in emitting odor through sweat or other ways.. kulla spices aleefeh 😀

  3. You are so helpful! Thank you!

  4. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Marv: most welcome 😀

  5. Maher says:

    la2 la2..no way!
    i am an ice cream addict!!
    bamoooot bel strawbery!
    my friend introduced me to London diaries!! i am in love with it!

  6. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Maher: im not saying u shudnt have ice cream, its a natural instinct to head for cool stuff in the summer, actually i once read inno u shudnt even take a cold shower in the summer, u shud take hot ones, it helps ur body cool up from within.

    hmm, im not a fan of london dairy, but strawberry is always good 😀

  7. Hani obaid says:

    Unfortunately the spicy pungent foods also make your sweat the same!

  8. KJ says:

    I know why you are posting this. You are planning to make me eat more so I gain more weight. You want me to become morbidly obese until I can no longer move, and then you will come and take over my house.

    This is your plan.

  9. Verbal Alchemy says:

    KJ: if u cant move shu bidi bi ur house, u’ll be in it!

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