what drives u?

Posted: July 3, 2008 in bla bla bla, i wanna know, life, random, thoughts

so what (or who) motivates u? what gets u going? what is ur ultimate energy factor when u feel ur almost completely drained?


  1. Maher says:

    Good question!
    For me, i’d say Fame! or maybe..being loved! 😛

  2. Hmmm. For me, the words of Robert Frost ring the truest, from “Stopping in the Woods One Snowy Evening.” My motivation, when I am drained, is that people are relying on me, and I cannot, MUST NOT, let them down. It’s important to me to be trustworthy and reliable, because so many of the people I have known in my life…were not.

  3. Simply Me says:

    my motivation is the feeling of not wanting to be a failure. I have been through a lot, that I wouldn’t want it all to be for nothing.. this is what keeps me going.

  4. neutron says:

    hmmm … religion and duty to the people i love. I suppose a bunch of hungry tigers would work too!

  5. asoom says:

    When I get to the point where I’m ready to give up I think about the “big picture” to remind why why I’m doing this and why it’s important to successfully complete!

  6. wonders says:

    i agree with asoom, same for me. It’s the thought/hope of what is there waiting for me.
    tieb what about you girl?

  7. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Maher: fame? u mean popularity? thats good 🙂

  8. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Marv: I guess most ppl with dependants or ppl who rely on them feel that way, its nice to know that ur their rock. bless! 🙂

  9. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Dima: nothing we go through is for granted sweets, the concept of Karma is such a relief!

  10. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Neutron: LOL i bet they wud!
    and very similar to my motive, religion and responsibility..

  11. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Asma: nicely put! some lose track of whats important at some point and thats when they slip.. all the best! 🙂

  12. Verbal Alchemy says:

    wonders: izan same comment goes to u 😛
    ana what motivates me is mainly faith, in all its shapes and sizes. my faith in myself, the ‘i can do it if i put my mind to it’ thing, more of a self challenge a7yanan, depending on the goal, plus my faith in God, God doesnt cater to losers, u have to work ur butt off to be rewarded, even if the rewards r not immediate, my faith in His mysterious ways keeps me going still.

  13. eshda3wa says:

    the fear of disappointment

  14. wonders says:

    there’s a saying that i always keep in mind: if you believe you can then you can, if you believe you cannot then you are right.

    what keeps me going when the going gets tough is faith in God and that as small and insignificant I am compared to the whole world, He still loves and takes care of me 🙂 but what motivates me to start something is as asoom said the bigger pic.

  15. Verbal Alchemy says:

    eshda3wa: yuB, that too gives me the push that i need sometimes..

  16. Verbal Alchemy says:

    wonders: howeh akid ppl know their limitations and what they can or cannot do, but some ppl have the ability to put themselves down, and thats so wrong bi 7a22un…

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