Posted: June 12, 2008 in bla bla bla, boredom, fun, random

there is always some sort of super evil bad guy who is a grade A A-hole in any cartoon. teaching kids bout the good and evil of the world at the youngest age possible i guess.. anyVay, here’s my list of bad bad wolves of animation 🙂 (feel free to share yours)

5. Brutus (aka Bluto):

This guy is the epitome of the bully, large, and crude. Of course, merely being a bully doesn’t get you on this list… Bluto is the kind of guy who will go and try and steal your girlfriend every time even if she’s an ugly skinny chick!!

4. Black Pete (or just Pete):

Pete was the nemesis of Mickey Mouse (yes, i used to watch mickey mouse when i was a kid) and used to hate this guy! He then later became the sworn enemy of Donald Duck (love him!). Pete was large and ever the villian, picking on Mickey and his friends for no real reason other than to show that he was bigger and stronger than them little ones.. what a bully!

3. Eric Cartman (Southpark): (& please no hate mail lol)

Cartman is a spoiled only child of a mother who smothers him with attention and food, he’s a greedy manipulative being, is a smartass and a foul-mouthed little brat, is vindictive & shallow, AND a liar, a cheat, a smug winner, & a backstabber! and that makes him the best example of bastarditude!

2. Mr Burns: (dont tell me you didnt see this one coming!)

It pains me to put Burnsy on this list but despite the fact that i like him, i cant deny his evilness! Can you imagine what would it feel if you worked for someone for 15 years and he still couldnt remember your name?! The greedy 108 year old cracks me up however!

1. Stewie!

Stewie is probably the most bastardly baby in the known universe!! With his eyes set on global domination and with killing the woman who gave birth to him, one must shutter at the very real threat that this toddler poses to the world. With his lust for power, penchant for murder, and his devilish ability to get away with it all, Stewie will forever go down in cartoon history as one of the most vicious characters of all time!!


  1. neutron says:

    Skeletor!!! Now that guy was evil. Interesting observation, the new bad guys are a lot more likeable than the old ones.

  2. Maher says:

    i love brutus!! i love poppeys in General lol

  3. neutron: skeletor was the core of all evil! ugh! he irritates me lol
    and yes, new age evilness is kinda likeable, maybe coz evil is more acceptable these days!

  4. Verbal Alchemy says:

    7aki: glad u like it 😀 any list of ur own?

  5. mo says:

    what about the cat in mighty mouse .. i forget his name .. he used to fly around in a giant spaceship that looks just like him.

    lets see who else .. ah .. shredder 😀

  6. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Maher: lol i never liked him! bido2 3ala 3asabi kan 😀

  7. Verbal Alchemy says:

    mo: lol lissa faker mighty mouse, kent ma e7daro ktir, never liked it :S

    shredder lol! YuB he’s nasty!

  8. dinos says:

    i love all those cartoon characters! 🙂

  9. Verbal Alchemy says:

    dandoon: lol i do too bannout 😀

  10. NasEr says:

    Stewie actually rocks, i love him hehehe ,
    producers said that Stewie is supposed to represent the infants point of view on things adults do ! and how they feel about it ,family guy style ! i like him :d

  11. I highly enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep on making such interesting articles!

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