I’ll have fun alrite!

Posted: May 12, 2008 in lol, me me me, no comment

Clueless, blond-in-the-head colleague: so have fun on your time off!
Me (genuinely concerned bout her mental health): You know im going for surgery right?
Clueless, blond-in-the-head colleague (with a blank look on her face!): yes but you must be excited bout the time off?

no comment!
oh except the obvious of course, i will be away for a while.. be good!

  1. wonders says:

    salamtek girl!!! ma etawle 3lena…

  2. Maioush says:

    bel salameh ya rab … o terja3i a7san mn awal, we will miss u kteer damdoom… 🙂

  3. Simply Me says:

    Hope you’ll get well soon sweets.. all the best, inshalla bil salameh..

    Some people are just dumb by nature.. ! an operation and a time off.. what a link!

  4. Jasim says:

    She’s dumb all right. But still it’s time off I mean you’re having fun right?! 😛

    Yalla inshallah t2oomi bil salameh Dimz. 😀

  5. The fun part of surgery is the anesthesia. But then, you’re not awake to enjoy the floaty feeling. Sigh. I hope they give you good painkillers, and a lot of them!

    Good luck, keep us posted! Twenty-three general anesthesias have not killed me yet, though they keep trying. Hope yours goes well!

  6. mo says:

    t2oomi bil salameh nshala 🙂

  7. tiger says:

    just came back from my surgery:)..et2oomee bel salameh and good luck:)

  8. tiger says:

    by the way i got the same comment on my time off:) people would envy u on anything these days even in sickness I dont know what to call that.

  9. neutron says:

    clueless is not the half of it …

  10. sam says:

    belsameh inshallah….gosh i am clueless…i guess i missed something why r u having a surgery…if u mentioned it before i am blaming it on pregnancy brains..

  11. Pru says:

    Hope all goes well sweets, I pray for you!

  12. I’m thinking of you, hoping that you are recovering quickly and feeling better!

  13. wonders says:

    hey girl, how are you doing now??

  14. sam says:

    i hope u r doing well by now…

  15. thanks everyone, i am alive and kicking el7amdila : )
    i will be back 😀

  16. Lawyer says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Lawyer.

  17. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Lawyer: welcome to my corner.
    what translation were u lost in? ur a brit! this is english 😛

  18. Loza says:

    Dima, i am a bad friend, yes i know 😦

    salamat 7abibti.. wallah kan lazem a7ki w attamman bas ma fi mo5 😦

    la t2a5zini 😥

  19. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Areej: yes u r :-o: bas ana ma ba3tab coz i know innek 6afyeh 😀

    allah ysalmek bannout :hug:

  20. NasEr says:

    7amdella 3al salameh 1st 😀

    that sounded like a bite from “the office” series ! 😀 Dwight would say that , I’m calling ur friend Dwight lol 😀

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