its amazing what a difference good service makes!

Posted: May 6, 2008 in bla bla bla, random, thoughts

even at a hospital! i dowanna advertize, but Emirates Hospital is surely the best i have been to, and i have been to a lot! the nurses are amazing, the doctors so friendly, and i even enjoyed the usually terrible and hurl-inducing gastroendoscopy!

i SO believe that client servicing is not a job, its something you are born with. you cant fake it, you cant learn it even! its attitude and character. and maybe because i have been in client relationship and customer service for many years (6 to be exact, and i was/am still awarded for performance excellency) and i somehow -foolishly- expect at least GOOD service from people. i donno why.. but it never is. or maybe its just not what i would do. isnt it funny?

sometimes i wonder why are we always not happy when someone doesnt do things the way we do, like say driving! once we become drivers, we cant be satisfied with anyone’s way of driving.. excel sheets are a nightmare if someone else formatted and built them from scratch and you would have an updating job to do.. or maybe its just me 😐

  1. Dima says:

    well you know i have always believed that those who are sensitive and kind to people, ALWAYS get the same treatment back. What’s funny is I have worked in the service sector too, and now I understand more what those who work there go through and how hard it is.

  2. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Dima, i know too, bas 7atta law il wa7ad Garfan, its their job. metel ma ana kent asta7mel i expect ppl to too.. but i guess thats naive of me :s

  3. Pru says:

    Oh dima you’re so romantic!! I have been around the best in customer service and if they’re not well compensated all their good positive attitude is replaced with rude indifference!!

    Some people are nice by nature but they’re the exception rather than the rule!

  4. Pru says:

    ..and your avatar picture is scary 😮 she looks like the well girl from “the ring”!!

  5. mo says:

    bas kaman u have to differentiate .. is it a one-time customer or a client .. cuz if its a client and that client is a certified asshole its hard to be nice

  6. Yes indeed, it is hard not to hold others to the same level of customer service as we ourselves provide. I have to remind myself to expect nothing, so that I am not disappointed. When I am confronted with someone particularly rude or incompetent, though, I complain to their manager. Likewise, if they are exceptional, I write a letter to their company president, recommending them for an award and/or better pay. I have made a few people’s lives better by doing the latter. 😉

  7. Pru: i donno i was paid in peanuts ayam ma kent a personal banking advisor, and i still was nice to ppl. its my nature not my job.. bastaghreb ppl who bring to work their troubles. work is work, home is home. bas i guess most still take a residue with em to work which makes it hard to focus on whats they’re meant to do. laheik its not supposed to be a job, its supposed to be a character that brings in the pay cheque.

  8. pru: oh i love it! its not the girl from the ring 😛 its the only space for my love of goth on this blog lol

  9. mo: do u treat an acquaitance better than ur friend?? that’ll be pure hypocrisy. if ur nice then ur nice all the time, certified ass or not.

  10. Marv: the latter is surely nice of u, it doesnt work inour part of the world tho lol or at least i havent seen it work in any of my previous jobs or current one. i try not to expect anything in almost everything, but sometimes u wonder, WHY THE HELL cant ppl take a minute to breath before a client walks in? a smile is the simplest thing u know, and still ppl find that hard to do!

  11. Hareega says:

    well if these doctors or nurses were loaded with work and their salaries were cut in half, they would have been absolute morons.

  12. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Hareega: awalan welcome to my corner 🙂
    i am not excluding the fact that they’re human, but if they’re not cut out for such a demanding job then ma yed5olo bi hal majal w ygal3e6ou il 3alam 😛

  13. mo says:

    “if ur nice then ur nice all the time” .. ok.

    but how about ..
    if someone is nice to me i will be ten times nicer to them, and if someone is an ass with me i will be a hundred times bigger an ass with them

  14. Verbal Alchemy says:

    mo: how about kel wa7ed bye3mel bi aslo, mish asl illi 3am yet3amal ma3o

  15. mo says:

    maybe in an ideal world

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