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even at a hospital! i dowanna advertize, but Emirates Hospital is surely the best i have been to, and i have been to a lot! the nurses are amazing, the doctors so friendly, and i even enjoyed the usually terrible and hurl-inducing gastroendoscopy!

i SO believe that client servicing is not a job, its something you are born with. you cant fake it, you cant learn it even! its attitude and character. and maybe because i have been in client relationship and customer service for many years (6 to be exact, and i was/am still awarded for performance excellency) and i somehow -foolishly- expect at least GOOD service from people. i donno why.. but it never is. or maybe its just not what i would do. isnt it funny?

sometimes i wonder why are we always not happy when someone doesnt do things the way we do, like say driving! once we become drivers, we cant be satisfied with anyone’s way of driving.. excel sheets are a nightmare if someone else formatted and built them from scratch and you would have an updating job to do.. or maybe its just me 😐

isnt it ironic

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that the things we live for are the same things we could die for?