top ten jobs

Posted: April 29, 2008 in around the world, bla bla bla, boredom, random

that pay around (and over) 100,000 $ p.a.:

1. Marketing Manager: if you can grow sales, maintain great rapport, ‘radar’ potential markets and possess an MBA, you’re likely to earn a 6 figure easily.

2. Health Services Manager: combine a healthcare administration degree, with ten years of experience and you could easily earn 110,000 $ in the US.

3. Information Systems Manager: IT has got to be (along with construction) one of the best paying fields. CIO’s get paid 6 figure salaries minimum.

4. Financial Manager: MBA in finance is a good way to ensure a good pay.. im planning for that, but an MBA is a pending project right now..  

5. Human Resources Manager: HR managers usually earn hefty bonuses! of course an HR management degree plus an MBA is required.

6. Fashion Designer: one of the things i wanned to do with my life lol. individuality, creativity, uniqueness, social skills and the right contacts will bring a designer fame and fortunes in this field.

7. Court reporter: initially this job pays about 50k, but since its very demanding, overtime pays almost what the salary does! so they end up in many states making a 6 figure salary.

8. Computer Application Development Manager: this job involves a lot of small team leading and delivering projects on specific deadlines, its a job where leadership pays! too bad i dont like IT :-/ lol

9. Nursing Supervisor: all this requires is a bachelor of Science in Nursing. and targeting excellent hospitals of course..

10: Education Administrator: One who can provide quality assurance and demonstrate people skills and holds a masters degree in education administration of course…

so there you have it, i dint expect some of them but these are jobs that pay in the USA.
mal6oosh min servey.

  1. asoom says:

    I wonder how accurate this is, the US News and World Report publishes a highly publicized top 10 best jobs every year and these look familiar.

    I was excited because last year (or maybe it was the year before) the field that I’m going into was #2!

  2. haniobaid says:

    That’s all good, but what I had in mind was a job where my duties consist of receiving a check and cashing it!

  3. Jasim says:

    I guess I belong to category number 4. 😀

  4. Asma: Did you change your field?

  5. Hani: ma fhemet 😐

  6. Jasim: So do I 😀

  7. Jasim says:

    Asaln we rock. Trya catch us ridin’ dirty. 😈

  8. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Jaz: lol! bi our field dirty aint good (dirty money, NOOO)

  9. haniobaid says:

    VA, you wake up in the morning, head to the office, pick up your check, go to the bank and cash it. Then go home.

    Isn’t that the perfect job ?

  10. hani: yes it wud be lol but who does that? =P

  11. Mint says:

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  12. Narfezz says:

    I heard GP’s earn more than surgeons :p

    Thx, saved my day 🙂

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