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Posted: April 24, 2008 in bla bla bla, random

part of my job description is to call up clients in the US and UK and leave voice mail messages of news headlines that interest us and the latest updates on the stocks we cover. and its amazing how different these two groups of ppl are! in the US, voicemail is huge! not one of the 180+ clients on my database doesnt have voicemail, as opposed to the UK ppl, almost 40% of them dont have it.. i guess the brits dont like listening to anyone’s talk! i’ve always prefered americans to brits.. i cant stand how uptight and chronically polite they are.. but this excercise made me realize that americans are indeed more social and chirpy by nature!

most US clients outgoing msg: Hi, you’ve reached X Y Z from 1 2 3, i am currently away from my desk, please feel free to leave a detailed msg after the beep, thank you and have a good day. 

most UK clients outgoing msg if there is one since most of them are those generic recorded stuff ‘extension so and so is not available’ : you’ve reached X WOY Z from 1 2 3, i am not around, please leave your name and a brief msg after the tone. one of them clients actually says: it would be better if you email me rather than leave a msg, but if you need to do so leave one after the tone… (how mistagle3 is that!)

w what i cant still figure out is, are people with full mailboxes all the time really THAT busy? or are they just negligent?

  1. wonders says:

    i hate voicemail myself and hate leaving msgs, never figured out why though

  2. With the new wave of unified messaging. Voice mail gets delivered to your mailbox just like regular email. There’re no no more “full” mailboxes or anything
    I prefer to keep it like this ..

    Machine says: You have reached the voice mail of…
    My voice: Sam
    Machine continues: Please leave a message after the tone.

  3. Jasim says:

    X WOY Z, Lool. 😀

  4. mo says:

    remember the movie mousehunt .. the guys msg was like “when you hear the beep start talking” lol

  5. Batoul says:

    lool @UK guy.
    I love voicemails. Thanks for reminding me to change my message. I’ve been planning to for the past 6 months lol

  6. wonders: i used to too, but now its just more fun to talk to a machine 😉

  7. Samer: i guess some still r teknolojiyan muta5alefeen :p

    simple msg 🙂
    my office msg is in my voice: Hi you have reached Dima from bla bla, i might be on another line or away from my desk, please leave your name and number with a msg after the tone. and then for some reason the machine lady has to ‘etdeef’ please speak clearly after the tone, when you’re done, hang up or press 1 to deliver the msg. :-/ bikun il client zehe2 lol.

  8. Jaz: bi3jebni feek ur attention to details 😀 lol

  9. mo: short and to the point! 🙂

  10. batoul: i actually stopped my cell fone’s voice mail service, ppl for some reason freeze, and just go hmm, call me back, or all i hear is yeee, tra555! lol

  11. Hani Obaid says:

    I always liked this message:

    This is X.
    If you want to send a fax press 1
    If you want me to call you back press 2
    If you want to leave a message press 3
    If you pressed any buttons you are a total idiot


  12. Pru says:

    lol you should hear the msg on our anwering machine! My husband says in the most formal voice “Please leave a msg”, no “hi”, no “thank you” and not any mention of the beep :p

  13. Hani: imagine that at the office! lol

  14. pru: lol how straight to the point 😀

  15. I hate voicemail. My outgoing message at the office says, “Call my cellphone at [the number].” I never check my voicemail except on my cell. 😉

  16. Marv: that surely proves ur a martian and not an american 😀

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