Posted: April 22, 2008 in bla bla bla, lol, no comment, random

i bump into my boss in the hallway with a client, boss introcudes me to client, his name is something Yung Ho! i ask my boss does he have any kids? he said yes, 2 girls, i say he better not send them abroad! LOL!

  1. mo says:

    meet my daughters .. cheap and dirty 😀

  2. leih ana ma fhemet?! 😦

  3. mo: lol, aw yejeeh sabi w call him Wun!

  4. Mayous: wlek miss u ktirrrrrrrr! was gonna sms u il youm to ask how ur doing, hope all’s well in ur busy busy life 😀

    enti baree2a 😀 (Yung Ho sounds like Young Hoe, Hoe = whore) got it? 😀

  5. LOOOOL…..amma eni habla!! i got hala2 :p
    thanx for asking sweetie…i was in Paris last week and just came back on Saturday…it was breathtaking 🙂

  6. ya walad 😉
    good to have you back sweets :hug:

  7. wonders says:

    loooooool 😀

  8. Maher says:

    LooL! i love Chinese names!
    they are cool ! no ? :s

  9. maher: lol i like em too 😀 so much material for jokes!
    I love chinese calligraphy too..

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