Q 3

Posted: April 14, 2008 in i wanna know, people, random, thoughts

financial status, position, social background and nationality… how important are these factors to when chosing and making friends? (whether in school, uni, or work)

  1. I don’t think any of those things matter. (All humans look the same to me anyway, lol!) If it’s a sentient being that is thoughtful and considerate and fun to talk with and to learn from, none of the other things matter. In the real world, I meet people from all walks of life. I find that people of a lower social status (and often of other nationalities) are the most genuine, most willing to open their hearts and homes to an alien. I find that interesting.

  2. Iman says:

    Not important at all when choosing and making friends, but could be relatively important when choosing a husband!

  3. Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals says:

    They mean nothing, their character is all that is needed.

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