where’s the good in goodbye..

Posted: April 13, 2008 in feelings, inside out, sad me, thoughts

O, how i loathe goodbyes.. not all of them though.. just when the closest people leave anywhere for a long time..

i remember when i first went to uni, i was 16 and full of life, still am, but i was full of life and very naive, now i like to think i’ve crossed that stage.. i dint even shed half a tear at the airport saying bye to my parents.. i was so excited to start the adventure of independence! but when i graduated uni, and after 4 years of almost every emotion on earth felt, and the hundreds of friends i made, i left to the airport alone, in a cab, without saying goodbye to anyone.

A silent exit. (drama queen didi)

i felt so helpless yesterday saying goodbye to my better half as he went for a ten day trip home before he leaves to europe for his Phd, and even though its not the first time i bid him farewell, it was more painful the second time around, and i am sure it will be more painful every time to come.. until he is done with his degree or we get married and i move, whichever comes first.. i never drove him to the airport btw.. even when my best friend/more like a sister to me came 2 years ago for a week, i dint take her to the airport, i just cant.

insane? maybe.. but i just cant say goodbye to anyone i love at the airport..i break down like a 6 year old and cry my eyes out… im sentimental like that.  


  1. eshda3wa says:

    i avoid people the last day

    i cant handle goodbyes

  2. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Eshda3wa: u 2! :hug:

  3. Simply Me says:

    I guess we have a LOT in common. I hate to say GOODBYES. not only that but I can never do it.. I just run away! I remember one time I was in this international camp, and in the last days I told everyone I need to go home to get some stuff and will be back.. but I never came back! It might be mean.. but it’s just the way it is! Im very emotional and rather avoid such moments. As for you, I’ve been through this too, but you know what – this time it’s different cause you might be busy planning the wedding etc.. and there is a lot to think about .. things that will make it easier inshalla for both of you dear..

  4. It’s good that you get emotional with goodbyes. Martians are very boring with their goodbyes. “See you.” That’s it. 😉 Only when we know that it’s forever, never to see each other again, do we feel sad.

  5. Dima: i guess we do! fi3lan i do that as well, id say i need to go and say i’ll be back but never do, id rather not face a goodbye..

  6. marv: oh thats practical! lol no i cant be this way, i cry even if we will be apart for a week or two.. there is a space for everybody that i love in my heart and when one of them is away it feels empty inside…

  7. sam says:

    yeh goodbye are horrible..:( i hate them…

  8. Anonymous says:

    I feel the same way…
    the wrost thing happens when they ask u to come to the airport with them!!

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