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Posted: April 8, 2008 in bla bla bla, rant

ok why is it that most managers these days are complete jerks? the younger they are the worse it gets! seriously! my current boss is the worst i have ever met.. and he is only 34..!! i think being only 34 and now having become an MD for MENA Equities for the biggest bank in the world is a big thing.. but whatever happened to being humble bout your acheivements??? being nice to your subordinates?? being considerate and human for a change!?!?!? i mean.. in all my previous jobs, my bosses were amazing il7amdila.. my first full time job was also with a bank, in a team of 4, with a very reputed and ‘mehyoob’ 32 y.o. man as a boss, but he was the sweetest thing when it came to the team! he was supportive, funny as hell, and a great listener.. and when it came to work, he was strict yet not suffocating. as long as we did our job well, delivered everything on time, he was the happiest, and so were we.. i guess they dont make em this way anymore.. or maybe its the inferiority complex of the nationality i am dealing with right now!

 i cant picture myself being the super-micro-managing boss one day, one who doesnt laugh or joke around with her colleagues, one who cant care for anything but numbers and figures.. i am a leader by nature, and i do want to be in upper management someday.. but if tension and pressure from the bosses senior to me will make me an inconsiderate ass, i seriously could do without..