5 most beautiful cities of the world

Posted: April 5, 2008 in around the world, bla bla bla, i wanna know

1. Hong Kong: apparently having 4 of the 15 tallest towers in the world will make you the number 1 city!it is beautiful at night though, the magnificent architecture of the high rise buildings in hong kong is breath taking..

2. Chicago: ok im a little surprised since New York is the greatest city in the world in my green eyes! but Chicago was the birth of sky scrapers, surprisingly, they built the first sky scraper in chicago in 1885! the chicago park district is amazing, and the city at night, is a colorful masterpiece.

3. Shanghai: the beautiful city indeed.. although i would freak out and invest in a private jet to NOT drive over the crazy Nanpu bridge, i still cant deny its amazing. buildings are excessively tall, but beautifully designed and unique, and houses are authentic asian beauties..

4. New York: wall street, the opera house, the empire state building, lady liberty, Dylan’s candy shop!! ahhh.. New York, the home of new york cheesecake! this is MY favorite city ever.. noone knows why exactly, but NYC is the most charming city in the world. its on this list (i donno who came up with the list, i received it by email) because its versatile. the culture, the art, the music, the food, the places and faces of New York. i absolutely love it.

5. Tokyo: the most populated city by FAR! 32 million people! Technologically advanced, with great tall buildings, Japan is one of the most sophisticated asian countries, yet it still held on to its traditions. the cherry blossom festivals, the houses, the culture, the music, the geishas, its all so magical! (personally, i love the calligraphy!)

so… whats ur favorite city?

  1. Arab Lady says:


    very impressive

  2. Ammar says:

    Although I’ve never been there but Sydney seems like a nice place, especially in the summer, Vienna is also nice but I’m more into great metropolitans, so New York tops my list.

    nice Box!

  3. sam says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm i cant decide…i’d have to visit them first..i loved new york…but i would love to visit tokyo…wow 32 mil…that is the almost population of canada…

  4. Hala says:

    Nice places indeed, but people have different tastes. I am not too fond of high-rise buildings.

    Generally, I prefer Europe. The intimate surroundings, the friendly atmosphere, the historical monuments. The nature for sure.

    I just do not like to feel as if I live in space and hong Kong for example gives me space dizziness 🙂

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  6. eshda3wa says:

    im dying to go to tokyo and hongkong
    soooon i hope!

  7. I don’t like Chicago, although the skyline is impressive the city itself sucks. People are as cold as the weather, and as tough as the humidity. But I agree it looks pretty from a distance. I actually have a few pictures like these that I took of chicago 🙂

    All the skylines of major cities are the similar. But I like seattle the most 🙂

    I think Dubai is going to take home the gold in couple of years

  8. za3tar says:

    Hmm .. i wonder who made this list, because lists like these are always subjective and biased towards the creator’s experience.

    Anyway, i agree with Qwaider that Dubai is probably gonna be #1 soon. However, i think that Chicago is much more beautiful (and cleaner) than NYC, and better than Seattle.

  9. Simply Me says:

    Definitely Sydney. I’ve been to Europe, the States and Dubai.
    Dubai is getting there as Qwaider said. I like it a lot. The very first time you go there you’d be like WOW. It’s different than anything you’d ever see all around the world.. and this is what I like the most about it..

    But Sydney is just MAGICAL. It has it all.. the mountains, the green, the oceans.. the big pools in the middle of the ocean, the dunes, the breath taking parks. I love it!

  10. Batoul says:

    I loveeeeee NY! But its more like home so I’d love to spend sometime in Sydney and Tokyo. Chicago is la7shet 7ajar, I wont wish for it lol big dreams big dreams! 😛

  11. arab lady: welcome to my corner 🙂
    we aim to please 😀 glad u like it, so whats ur fave city?

  12. ammar: welcome to my box, and NY is ur fave? gr8 taste! it tops my list too! second is rome.. and third, is amsterdam!

  13. sam: yes 32 mil! insane isnt it 😀
    u dont have to list ur fave visited cities, whats a city u wud love to visit, some city u find magical and have it on ur to-do list to visit..

  14. hala: well its not my list so bash it all u want girl! lol

    i too am a ‘europe kinda person’, but NY is like a dream, i wanna work on wall street, when i went for training, i fell in love with it even more.. its so fast paced! love it..

  15. Q, why did i have a feeling someone will mention dubai? anyhoooo, on this list (which is originally 15 most beautiful cities bas i dint feel like writing all that much) dubai is the 15th!

    i’ve never been to chicago, so i wudnt know, but boston, houston, LA, and NY, were all gr8 states when i’d been to them. still, i prefer europe 😀

  16. za3tar: welcome to my box 🙂

    im sure someone so enamored with buildings and architecture!
    i donno why ppl think dubai can make it with such cities. yes dubai is refreshingly different than the rest of the gulf states, but its only 35 years old, rome, or tokyo, or mumbai have more substance! they have more culture and history.. yemken coz i am here i dont find it all that glamorous..

  17. dima, i agree!! the land of down under is purely magical, havent been there, but wud love to visit. the coasts, the mountains, all the bungee jumping spots! amazing city for a vibrant soul who gets bored easily like u is just right for an equally bored easily soul like me 😀

  18. batoul: lol la7shet 7ajar 😀 i think with ur personality, it wud suit u to visit tokyo, sydney, and spain..

  19. bakkouz says:

    wow indeed! I have to say Tokyo is my favorite, there’s just something about Japan that is irresistible, come to think of it, everybody loves Japan, and everything about Japan 😀

  20. mo says:

    i dont have a favorite city … bas law 2aluli u can visit any city in the world i would go to jerusalem .. ive never been to palestine actually

  21. Maher says:

    My fav fav city is def Chicago! from all the places there..my fav place is wrigley field! what an awesome place to visit!

  22. I think the most interesting city is San Francisco. Cold, like Mars, full of crazy people (like Mayor Newsom) who scream at no one in particular. But beautiful, simply beautiful. Chicago’s okay. Houston’s big and flat and uninspiring. Washington D.C. is nice. New York smells like garbage, and I hate that. Toronto’s okay, just coooold. Kansas City, Cincinnati, Miami, Tampa, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Butte, Cody, Denver, Cedar Rapids…I don’t really have a favorite city, I guess. As long as I have a clean bed, I don’t care where I am.

    Looking at hongkong2bi4.png, one shudders at the thought of trying to clean all those windows. How would they ever do that? It’s insane, with all those angles.

  23. bakkouz: mm, i only like sushi 😀
    im not the asia loving type sara7a.. but one thing i adore bout japan is the cherry blossom festival, its just so beautiful!!

  24. mo: i know u havent been, and neither have i, and jerusalem wud be the place i wud wanna go to if i were to go to palestine.. there’s sth magical bout jerusalem i reckon.. nchala mo 🙂

  25. Maher 🙂

    Marv: lol @ NY smells like carbage! it is very congested and over populated IMHO as well, but i donno, i just love it!
    San fransisco is alive and hyper, i agree its beautiful from what i’ve seen, never been however.. lol @ clean bed, the humble ambition of the modern age man 😀 i think every person relates to a place through different experiences, and different memories, and different emotions this place ignites within…

    i actually loved the building in hongkong2bi4.png! 😀 its so unique i reckon..

  26. i just realized my reply to eshda3wa doesnt appear! sorry Esh 😀 i had typed ‘nchala soon girl, take loads of pics when it happens!’

  27. Oh, I agree, hongkong2bi4.png is beautiful, very geometric. I would not want to be the window-cleaner for it, is all.

    I love upstate New York, north of NYC. It’s beautiful, mountainous, green, forested…one can imagine the British army in 1812, hacking its way through the forest with its hundreds of wagons and women and children, up and down mountainsides and across rivers… what a boondoggle THAT must have been for the British.

  28. Iman says:

    Definitely Chicago! my kinda town :))

  29. Iman: lol i knew i wud find u here eventually cheering ur city 😀


  30. Anonymous says:

    the most beautiful city in the world is Paris.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Paris no skycrapers, no fast-fatfood, all about charming people, old buildings and the culture

  32. anon: i like europe in general, the french are not my fave but Paris is beautiful nevertheless.

  33. Iman says:

    Yesss…it’s where I feel most @ home …my lovely chicago 😛

  34. Iman says:

    BTW, Thank you for remembering my Bdayyy! you’re goood 🙂

  35. iman: and there’s nothing like home!

    ur most welcome sweets :hug:

  36. Roy G. Biv says:

    most beautiful major cities in the world:

    San Francisco

    most spectacular skylines in the world:
    Hong Kong
    New York

    Most beautiful cities w big skylines

    San Francisco
    Hong Kong

    Most beautiful small cities
    (there are many; here’s but one)


  37. interesting list Roy, and welcome to my box.

    i love rio i have to admit, and any city on the coast, nothing like a sea view..

  38. breidy says:

    damn tat New York picture you took amaized me!!!!!!

  39. yuliya says:

    I was in NY ,Tokyo,Chicago.I don’t like them.Europe is the most beautiful.Rome,Paris are much better then chicago or ny

  40. Meluska says:

    Shanghai rocks

  41. gurol says:

    most beautiful city is istanbul


    hong kong
    las vegas
    manila 🙂

  42. bent falasteen says:

    NYC welcomes you, ahla w sahla! :p

  43. perumal n says:

    very attractive.

  44. abubakar says:

    it is very impressive indeed

  45. Mauro says:

    Sorry…sorry….american people and everywhere….The most beautiful city in the world is Rome……dont belive it?? so come here and them tell me the truth!!

  46. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Mauro: i believe it, but i’ve not been there yet, however, i do believe it will be my fave soon! oh and am not american!

  47. Julio says:

    For me The whole world is beautiful. What we need is to take care of it. So we can leave a good legacy to our futures generation. We have to fight with thebig coorporation to stop poluting the world. Using to much advance technology which polute ate air and destroye many natural places in order to build modern buildings. and destroye the natural inhabitat of humans and animals. In fact powerful humans are destroying humans