oldies # 5

Posted: April 2, 2008 in life, observations, rant, relationships, women

what do women want?

 the common question we see women demand an answer for (and almost never get one) is “what do men want?“, but i hereby ask: what do women want?!

im an observer, fascinated by mankind, always looking around to seek answers to yet un-asked questions, studying attitudes and -sometimes- analyzing behaviors.. thats wack i know but thats me! lol. and i keep coming across women who always want to change their men to more sensetive, caring, nurturing creatures who pay attention, cook, pamper and listen more often to anything besides the sound of their own voices.. or always complain that they cant ever meet anyone like that! (rings a bell?)

well i hate to be the bearer of bad news but heck, u wont! not coz they’re extinct, but coz they never existed! these qualities are mostly linked to women.. so i ask, why do women want to change men to women? keeping in mind that women dont even get along with most women! so what do women want exactly?

  1. wonders says:

    loooooooool ok i have no clue!
    but what do women want in a man? beats me, for each its own i guess… lool it is true most women don’t get along with other women 😀

  2. Females are especially challenged, I agree. Many of them do not know what they want, cannot articulate what they want, do not appreciate what they have, try to change what they have, are even unhappier with the result. It’s so sad. But I think females are much more governed by their blood chemistry and their hormones. As they age and their reproductive years end, their innate logic and intelligence asserts itself, and they are much happier for it. In my experience, anyway. Males have similar issues. Sex, sex, sex, all they can think about, until they are past middle age. Then their hormones fade and they can become rational beings. It’s unfortunate that human reproduction cannot be confined to a decade of insanity, instead of half a lifetime.

  3. Moey says:

    First of all, thank you so much for your comments, it means more to me that you could ever know. Shakaraallahu Sa’ayakom, may dad R.I.P.

  4. beats me too girl.. and sa7? isnt it funny how most women dont get along with the rest of women? while men enjoy gr8 friendships with other men that last em a lifetime! :S

  5. marv: although i agree with most of what you said, i find it really sad.. i know women (myself included if i may) who are very level headed, rational, strong, and know what they want out of life. yet its like, people expect women to screw up! they expect us to not be capable of holding our own, they expect us not to complete what we start.. just like it is expected for men to only think of sex or cheat or lie, until they somehow (both genders) find it easier to slip into whats expected of them..

  6. moey, la shukur 3ala wajeb, may he rest in peace..

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