oldies #4

Posted: April 2, 2008 in life, observations, people, rant, relationships

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.. not!


i think sorry isnt the hardest word to say these days.. i believe “will u marry me” r the hardest words nowadays!!

has it become so hard for men to propose? i mean ok dowry is on the rise, and inflation is a nightmare etc etc of all the materialistic issues.. but im talking love, wanting to spend ur life with someone, the need for stability, wanting a family, craving someone to take care of u and vice versa.. have men and women become so independant that they have have lost the need or want to be married? has it become so common to be in relationships that go nowhere with a sole purpose of hanging out and having fun and passing time that ppl lost the need to be in wedlock? has responsibility towards a family become so unbearable? i really dont get it.. i c girls who r beautiful, intelligent, worldly, decent, and still single after 35. and i come across men who r the perfect examples of the “perfect” men, yet rnt and dowanna get married, what is so scary?

  1. wonders says:

    If you are speaking about the community here in Dubai, i personally think it is abnormal, therefore wouldn’t expect much out of it

  2. I think it boils down to “why buy the chicken when you can have the eggs for free?” And as younger generations are increasingly raised in a culture of self-gratification, the focus is always on the self, and not on each other. This impedes the formation of long-term stable relationships and marriage.

  3. wonders: wallahi shayfeh inno bi kul makan its this way, egypt, lebanon, jordan, syria, hon yemken excessively, bas its everywhere.. its the accessibility of many women.. and the elusiveness of so many men. its sad really..

  4. marv: ur so right, we r raised to be self sufficient, self gratifying, and self centered.. in the attempt of realizing we shud be independant coz the world is a cruel place.. sad 😦

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