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Posted: April 1, 2008 in observations, people, random, thoughts

isnt it funny how when ur a 5 year old, anyone who’s ready to jump with you on a bed or build sand castles with you is automatically considered a friend, and if you were to share a sandwich they will be considered a best friend! but when you’re 25 or over it becomes so much harder to call almost anyone a friend??

is it the lack of quality people in this day and age? or is it losing the will (which sometimes comes with age) to socialize/give chances/get to know more people to filter and classify a good friend?

  1. lilmissgothgirl says:

    your so right

  2. Marvin the Martian says:

    I think it’s simply the trusting innocence of youth. As we get older, we are hurt by other people, and we become less trusting and less willing to open ourselves to be hurt. But also, we become more self-sufficient, and less needful of friends.

  3. mayG says:

    I totally agree with marvin.. guess its more of the bad things life has hurled your way.. you only grow more skeptical and wary..

    by the way, I’m totally IN LOVE with your theme 😀 so glad I landed here!

  4. In addition to trust, there is the matter of openness vs shyness. We grow up, and become more reserved, more self aware, more conscious of our actions and our image and the minute we realize these, we erect massive walls around ourselves on the fear of getting hurt.
    And we don’t usually let people in

  5. Hala says:

    Marvian the Martian, could not have put it any better.

    It is impossible to remain innocent and trust just anyone. As you grow older, you build a foundation and form an understanding of how to ‘live’ with others according to certain norms.

  6. Reem says:

    That’s strange :confused: the older i get the easier it becomes to make friends! Its just that with time, i became more laid back and easy going.. my moodiness isn’t such an obstacle anymore.. i’m more of a pleasant person nowadays; hence, friendlier with ppl and willing to take an extra step..

    Dima wlee, miss u 😦

  7. lilmissgothgirl: love the name 😀
    welcome to my corner 🙂

  8. marv: i cant agree more. beautifully said Marv 🙂

  9. life is more simple when ur younger.
    the way u evaluate ppl, the things u evaluate ppl upon and of course ur priorities in a friend are different (t’s enough for someone to like you and be funny to be ur friend)
    the older we get the more we realize that life is more complicated than that…our requirements change and of course getting shocked with ppl makes us more cautious and careful…it becomes so hard to find someone to call a real friend

  10. MayG: im glad u landed here too! welcome to my corner 🙂

  11. Qwaider: so is it the defence mechanism choice of billions? i sometimes wonder does our experience make everyone around us seem predictable thus not worth wasting time on befriending?

  12. Verbal Alchemy says:

    Hala: ur way beyond ur years girl, bless!

  13. Verbal Alchemy says:

    reem: bent 7alal il youm 5atarti 3a bali, bas haza fi wajed shughul :S

    i know ppl who have mellowed as they aged, which made their outlook on friendship a little less tense, thus allowing them to be more social, less moody, and more approachable than they used to.. they became more receptive. bas they r few.. so count ur blessings! lol

  14. Verbal Alchemy says:

    mais: ‘and of course getting shocked with ppl makes us more cautious and careful’ which brings me back to my first q, has the quality of ppl worsened over time?

  15. to answer ur question Dima, i’m afraid the answer is yes 🙂

  16. Verbal Alchemy says:

    lol mayous, ma ana 3arfeh inno yes, i just wanna know has everyone reached that realization or is it only in my head 😀

  17. wonders says:

    now that you mentioned it, it is really weird.
    I think we just grow up to find out there’s evil, to be busier than a bee and to become judgemental

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