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isnt it funny how when ur a 5 year old, anyone who’s ready to jump with you on a bed or build sand castles with you is automatically considered a friend, and if you were to share a sandwich they will be considered a best friend! but when you’re 25 or over it becomes so much harder to call almost anyone a friend??

is it the lack of quality people in this day and age? or is it losing the will (which sometimes comes with age) to socialize/give chances/get to know more people to filter and classify a good friend?

Guru Gyan!

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got this by mail and had to share 😀

this is so applicable lal wad3 il rahen :S



evil, but i like!

My converse!

Posted: April 1, 2008 in boredom, fashion, fun, mal6oosh

in an ideal world, i wud be designing clothes and home accessories.. BUT it aint an ideal world, so i got my chance at the site to design my own converse shoes 😀 (mal6oosh min Jasim, who in turn la6asha min Hala

and last but not least! one that looks spookingly similar to what Hala designed 😀