cool gadgets!

Posted: February 26, 2008 in fun, random, stuff

ok ok its not quite the problem solving gadget of the year but its so cool! especially when its really cold u cant hold anything up with ur gloves, and u just wanna have a nicely rounded snowball for a memorable fight!! i loved it!

2. coffee addicts on the go will love this coffee mug

which’ll keep ur coffee warm as u catch up on ur to do list and schedules and alerts!

3. bidi minno! its a wonderful idea to keep ur towels always fresh, dry and warm, just like a hotel’s fluffy warm towel!

4. Gravity never goes out of stock.. a tech student in Virginia figured out a way to have an eco friendly, electricity economic
gravity lamp that lasts up to 200 years with a usage of 8 hours a day!!

5. finally! something i wud buy for a colleague of mine who tortures his keyboard by stomping and crushing all its keys!! not only is it silent it also connects to two PCs at the same time!
  1. Marvin the Martian says:

    I love the snowball mold! When I was a kid, I designed a spring-powered snowball launcher. I never did build it, though. I would have liked to have seen if it worked.

    I LOOOVE the gravity-powered lamp! Now THAT is cool stuff. It reminds me, I have to put up pictures of our new path lights in the yard – LEDs, they pull 10 watts total and are brighter and prettier than the standard 4-watt low-voltage lights (a string of those pull 100-300 watts).

  2. Simply ME says:

    very cool. I like the coffee mug and the towel warmer hanger..

  3. PŕōuđPāŀĩ says:

    Marv: thats neat! the 10 watts path lights i mean.. its nice to c ppl caring bout stuff like this..u shud totally put pics up 😀

  4. Qwaider قويدر says:

    Sound interesting, I love the Gravity Lamp! 🙂 I want one!

    The towel warmers are old news. Sharper image had them for years. They’re nice, but don’t usually work as advertised 😦 I wasn’t very impressed.

  5. Oriental Arabesque says:

    cool stuff…i loved the mug and the keyboard 🙂

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