the source of all evil!

Posted: February 20, 2008 in damdoumization, life, observations, psychobabble


traffic wud be resolved with a little less selfishness, ppl driving into the start of a lane and push them cars in cutting in on everybody like they r too refined to wait like everyne else.. others cant bear the thought of giving way to another car, both get selfish and hot tempered, poof! fender bender, and a whole street gets locked coz of traffic! who cares bout other ppl waiting to get to their destinations..

poverty wud be somewhat less if retailers werent greedy and selfish, and if the wealthy actually gave some of their money to charities and/or funds to help the less fortunate cope with the rising cost of living..

mother nature wud be more grateful if selfish contractors wudnt ruin its beauty for construction of office towers and industrial cities and so on so forth..

a lot of ppl wud be healthier if selfish ppl thought of others for a change! second-hand smoking? hello! u wanna poison ur body, do it alone! what bout selfish ppl who care not to get tested and/or dont bother to be safe and end up passing STDs and HIV here and there?

hurt and pain wud be somewhat eliminated.. thus minimizing the psychological disorders our society suffers from! if a selfish mum/dad took care of her/his kids and household more, kids wud be raised better with a healthier personality.. not to mention a selfish partner ruins the idea of love to their partner shud they decide they want out of this relationship.. a lot of examples here, im just naming a few..

if there’s anything i hate more than liars, its selfish and greedy souls. no scratch that, they prolly dont have souls!!
  1. Tiger says:

    in my openion selfishness is a part of a big monster which is human greed hala2 greed is a good thing without it no one can advance or have a passion or fight his way in life no buisnuessman would cut a deal without greed if everyone is content and they dont have greed nothing would have ipmroved now combine greed with the theory i mentioned in ur other post of survival bench mark..if greed is considered an option not a necissety that is a normal human who have heart sould and ethics if greed is considered as a target then ..its the source of all evills including selfishness..

    there is a new movie coming called there will be blood its about greed check it out

  2. Marvin the Martian says:

    From the illustration, I was guessing that the source of all evil was armpit body odor. 😉 No, just SOME evil, I guess.

    I can see your point. Selfishness encourages bad behavior. Selfishness can be a good motivator, a la Ayn Rand’s philosophy. (Pru can’t stand Rand, I know, we discussed.) But correctly applied, selfishness can be a good motivator. But, like Marxism, it will never be correctly applied. 😉

  3. asoom says:

    I can think of some things worse than selfishness, like hypocrisy. I think I’d rather be selfish than be 2 faced.

  4. mr.anonymous says:

    It’s all part of human instinct,all negative and positive parts define mankind.
    In my book..without it we wouldn’t be defined as humans..we’d be perfect aliens,like that “boring” nicole kidman movie the invasion.

  5. eshda3wa says:

    Amen to that!

    if only people to a minit to thin about others

    it would do wonders!

  6. PŕōuđPāŀĩ says:

    like a lot of things in life i believe things can be misued even if they have a positive aspect, like freedom, power, confidence. they can all turn to ugly beasts..

    asoom: hypocrisy is horrible, but it doesnt have a wider area of damage as selfishness does.. IMHO at least..

    eshda3wa: i hear u!

  7. wonders says:

    I really like your post, a lot in this world as u mentioned would be better if every person took a minute of two everyday to thin of others.
    most of the time it is those small things that matter

  8. PŕōuđPāŀĩ says:

    thanks wonders 🙂

    ppl r so consumed in their bubbles.. allahuma nafsi 😦 and thats sad..

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