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why wont this week end already!


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“Can you tell me the speed limit on Airport Road going toward Al Rashidiya?”

“I have been waiting for a taxi for so long, but all of them are refusing to stop … what do I do? “

“I have a traffic fine … can you tell me when it was issued?”

These are but a few examples of trivial and inane calls made to 999 every day!!! A staggering 573,471 calls were made to 999 in 2007 and these were not emergencies. Most were enquiries on speed limits on roads, location of certain departments, traffic fines, transactions related to the Naturalisation and Residency Department, trading issues and complaints against taxi drivers.

the rest of this article published yesterday in Gulf News here.

Where has common sense evaporated from the minds of these silly people??!!

Howeh ya 6o55o?

ya ekser mu55o???

thought of the day..

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اكسير الحياة هو الصحة و اكسير الشباب هو الروح
نوثينج الس از نيديد..

– ديمة