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test ur memory

Posted: January 28, 2008 in fun, i wanna know, quiz
i wont post my numbers, since i infinitely suffer from CRS (cant remember shit)!
but lemme know how u do 😀
since i have so much time on hand (not!!!) and my mind tends to wander every so often, i decided to end the debate on the gender of computers (who was debating?!) lol anywayyyyy here is my theory 😀

1. no one really knows EXACTLY what goes on in there but its creator
2. its attention span is limited and tends to ‘sleep’ if not spoken to every 10 minutes

3. shud u come across a problem, solving it takes forever and requires a whole lot of key punching and typing and trial and errors until u finally get there, and no 2 problems r solved in the same manner!
4. should u take one home to keep, u will prolly spend half of ur income on toys and gadgets and accessories for the continuance of its efficiency!
5. when u finally get ”hitched” to one, u discover a few months later that if u waited a bit, a way better one wud have come along!!