Posted: January 21, 2008 in bla bla bla, thoughts

The number 8 is generally considered to be an auspicious number by numerologists. In Babylonian myth there were seven spheres plus an eighth realm, the fixed stars, where the gods lived. As a result, 8 is often associated with paradise. And 8 is my absolute favorite number ever.. hence, the fact that i am VERY optimistic bout this year.. i cant complain bout 2007, it was THE BEST by far in the past 10 years, ruffly speaking.. but why oh why do ppl have to go partying their asses off and drinking all the booze they can (in some occassions, cant) handle on new years eve just coz the earth successfully spinned around the sun one more time!?

generations got accustomed to having a life changing/enhancing resolution or a set of resolutions set for their coming year..

and as every year, i go about making the same list of resolutions! however, i added a new one, learn German, and God knows how many years that will stay on my list! im just not good a planner i presume.. i cant plan my days and my years like some ppl do, i had a 5 year plan when i first graduated but it came crashing down just a year down the line due to family issues and responsibilities that i dint foresee.. since then, i never planned.. i just take every day as it comes.. and i think thats healthier, and maybe even helps keep the sanity bit going.. i dont like stressing over plans and projects, and getting frustrated and disappointed if they werent fulfilled.. a very late happy new years to everyone. hope the year brings u what u want and more 🙂
  1. Vendetta says:

    Happy new year to you too damdom, it’s good to have you back!

  2. Adoosh says:

    A late happy new year to u too Dima..
    Welcome Back 🙂

  3. PŕōuđPāŀĩ says:

    pru and adoosh, thanks, all the best to u and urs :flower:

  4. Marvin the Martian says:

    German is a beautiful language. It can be spoken harshly or gently. The whole verb-last thing is really annoying, though. And I never got the hang of genders for words (male, female and neuter). The language needs an overhaul, for sure. I think it’s been happening for the last couple of decades among younger Germans, against the will of the older Germans.

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