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Quote of the day

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No wise man ever wished to be younger
– Jonathan Swift


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sounds like a phobia from onions! only its shoppaholicism.. :mal5oom:

moody friends..

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inspired by Asoom’s experience here with an ex-friend.. i SO relate to that, and i dint wanna hijack her post 😀

i rarely have female friends, simply coz i was not programmed to be like most of them, in my mind, im 100% male. im practical, i dont envy other ppl, i hold no grudges, i dont care bout makeup and clothes like they r the reason for my existance, and i dont ditch ppl coz im having a bad mood! u can call me a tomboy, but ppl who know me personally know i am so far from that.. il muhemm… so i met this girl, and we have mutual friends, some who say she is very nice, but i was always very aware of everything i say around her, and was very careful what i reveal, the case with most ppl but i was consciously aware and pushed myself to watch out for every word with her..
days went by and i gave her a chance, and we became close friends in no time, she was funny, outgoing, and talkative. But she was moody, like, VERY moody! one day she wud be all talkative and sweet, and the next she wudnt return my calls and want nothing to do with me :smily mafsoom with 7 personalities: and after a while i got sick of it! and when she dint call again, i dint either, and was actually nonchalant and happy she was out of my life, with all her negativities that overrid her positive side with time.
neither i nor anyone deserves to be treated like that, the flavor-of-the-week style! whenever their mood is good they r good with u and when its not then to hell with u! that is not the definition of friendship..
i guess thats why i feel more at ease with guys, they’re so.. simple! what u see is what u get.. almost EVERY time! plus a guy wont envy u, or get these silly thoughts and cause drama every once in a while.. they r always up for a gr8 time and a good laff.. girly girls wont go out unless u ‘book’ them in advance so that they wud look good for the outing! with most guys, its “shall we?”, “hell yeah!” and i find that refreshing!


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The number 8 is generally considered to be an auspicious number by numerologists. In Babylonian myth there were seven spheres plus an eighth realm, the fixed stars, where the gods lived. As a result, 8 is often associated with paradise. And 8 is my absolute favorite number ever.. hence, the fact that i am VERY optimistic bout this year.. i cant complain bout 2007, it was THE BEST by far in the past 10 years, ruffly speaking.. but why oh why do ppl have to go partying their asses off and drinking all the booze they can (in some occassions, cant) handle on new years eve just coz the earth successfully spinned around the sun one more time!?

generations got accustomed to having a life changing/enhancing resolution or a set of resolutions set for their coming year..

and as every year, i go about making the same list of resolutions! however, i added a new one, learn German, and God knows how many years that will stay on my list! im just not good a planner i presume.. i cant plan my days and my years like some ppl do, i had a 5 year plan when i first graduated but it came crashing down just a year down the line due to family issues and responsibilities that i dint foresee.. since then, i never planned.. i just take every day as it comes.. and i think thats healthier, and maybe even helps keep the sanity bit going.. i dont like stressing over plans and projects, and getting frustrated and disappointed if they werent fulfilled.. a very late happy new years to everyone. hope the year brings u what u want and more 🙂