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WARNING: these thoughts might offend some of u…
regretfully, i am not vieled.. and even tho i know its very wrong, i still cant commit.. yet, everyday i come across tens if not hundreds of ‘vieled’ girls/women, and by ‘vieled’ i am referring to the ‘modern’ 7ijabis who wear second-skin-tees-under-a-tight-camisole-barely-covering-their-bums-in-that-tight-jeans or short-skirts-with-knee-high-boots and consider themselves fully covered..and i cant deny the amount of wrath the scene provokes in me.. i am not preaching, since i am not vieled, but there is a minimum level of 7eshmeh (modesty) that is embedded in everyone, and wearing clothes that leave nothing to imagination is just not right, vieled or not.

it just saddens me so much what little respect some have towards their body and its sanctity..

he is indeed Legend!

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i for one, was completely enamored with this movie.. so many aspects of it were fascinating i thought..

i SO loved it when he said “God dint do this, we did” its so true! God creates sickness but also the cure, but when man wants to play the role of God, things go dramatically wrong! but then again.. man never ceases.. the endless hunger for power.. thats the 8th deadly sin bi ra2yi..

kept thinking throughout the movie, how HARD it is to live all alone like that.. he was so detailed and scheduled and everything was documented and micromanaged.. i would go insane if i were him! noone to talk to? noone to greet in the morn? noone to think outloud with?! i would lose it walla!

but weird thing is, it was labeled as an action thriller, for the 18+ age group.. i dint find it an action movie, nor a thriller.. but ultimately, it was a gr8 movie.. a bit of a new idea in a world of redundant movie scripts..


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testing.. wan 6oo sree..

its good to be back 🙂